ADS 100 Club

At Aberdeen Drilling School we like to reward excellence by awarding our Well Control candidates who achieve full marks in the IWCF Principles & Procedures exam with a cash prize and the opportunity to take pride of place in the "ADS 100 Club"!

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Ivan Lunev


Don Walker


Erik Boon


Ian Ross


Peter Mayo


Ron Wood


Don Nellis




Jason Tarr


Rafal Rak


Adam Koncz


David Lim



Ivan Lunev, Joins the 100 club!

For the past 10 years Ivan has been working for Sakhalin Energy Investment Company. He started as a Production Technology in a multidisciplinary well delivery team before becoming a CWI Engineer/Supervisor where he was involved in multiple Intervention and Completions jobs at the execution stage. Ivan is now an offshore Lead Drilling Supervisor where he is responsible for well delivery from spud to completion/handover stages.

Ivan is married with two son who are 5 and 10 years old. He enjoys snowboarding in the winter and swimming in the summer time. The cash prize will be spent on organising a mountain hiking tour with his family.

Congratulations, Ivan!

Ivan Lunev

Pete French, 6-Time P&P Champion Breaks the ADS 100 Club Record!

Huge congratulations to Pete French who recently achieved 100% in his P&P paper for the 6th time!! An incredible achievement and a new record for the ADS 100 Club!

Pete is currently working on secondment from Shell as Head of Well Delivery for the Sakhalin Energy Investment Company (SEIC) in eastern Russia. He followed a traditional rig-based career path on numerous rig types and well designs around the world. He is now based in Devon with his wife and three teenage children, who are all studying. He spends most of his spare time on his small fishing boat, but also enjoys watching rugby, travelling,  and SCUBA diving. The cash prize will be split between the Royal National Lifeboat Institution charity and night out with the family. 

Congrats again, Pete, and best of luck to you for the future!

Pete French

Kevin Meehan, P&P Perfection for the second time!

We’re delighted to announce that Kevin Meehan passed his P&P paper with a perfect score of 100% for the second time! 

Kevin is currently a Senior Drilling Supervisor with DNO in Kurdistan. He started his career as a Roustabout for Kenting Drilling in 1984, began consulting in 1995 and worked in Russia, Middle East and North Africa as a Drilling Supervisor and Drilling Superintendent.

He is married with two boys, who have both left university and have started their working careers. Kevin’s hobbies include being a landlord for his property portfolio, DIY and gardening. As for the cash prize, he will donate it to a local charity!

Congratulations, Kevin!

Kevin Meehan

Agus Riyadi, A Perfect Score Across the Board for Pak Agus!

We're delighted and extremely proud to announce that Aberdeen Drilling International instructor, Agus, recently scored 100% across the board for the THIRD time in a row! That's 100% in all IWCF Well Control assessments with not a single point dropped. PERFECTION! 

Agus joined Aberdeen Drilling International in 2014 as a Senior Well Control Instructor in Asia Pacific, to launch and lead the training in our Malaysian and Indonesian well control training centres. He has vast international experience in developing, instructing and assessing both IWCF and IADC accredited well control and well intervention courses globally, most recently with Weatherford in Abu Dhabi.

He is married to wife Widhiyati and they have two children, Danastri and Astutya. Agus really enjoys spending time at home in Indonesia during his time off with his family and with his cats!

Agus kindly dedicates his 100% score to his friends and colleagues in Kuala Lumpur and hopes to celebrate his achievement with them.

Congratulations, Pak Agus! We’re lucky to have a gentleman like you in our team.

Agus Riyadi

Nigel Sharman, Rides into the ADS 100 Club!

Congratulations to Nigel Sharman who passed his P&P paper with a perfect score of 100% and has joined our ADS 100 club!

Nigel has been drilling offshore for the past 35 years, currently working as a Senior Toolpusher with Odfjell drilling. He is married with four grown up children. In his spare time, Nigel enjoys riding his Harley Davidson and plans to spend his £200 cash prize on more Harley Davidson merchandise.

Well done, Nigel!

Nigel Sharman

Alaa Jasim Falyyih , Meets the P&P Challenge!

We’re delighted to welcome Alaa Jasim Falyyih to the prestigious ADS 100 Club! He scored an impressive 100% in his P&P paper at our Malaysian Well Control centre in November 2019.

Alaa has worked in the industry for many years, with his current role being a Drilling Superintendent for Schlumberger, Iraq. Alaa is married and has 2 boys and 1 girl. In his spare time, he enjoys playing football, relaxing with a good book or watching a good TV show, and taking trips with his family.

Alaa has told us he plans to treat his wife to a shopping trip with his cash prize.

Congratulations, Alaa!

Alaa Jasim Falyyih

Douglas Brown, Eyes on the Prize!

We’re delighted to announce that Douglas Brown has achieved 100% in his P&P paper and joined the ADS 100 Club! He set his sights on the prize as soon as the course began and his efforts have paid off! 

He’s worked in the oil industry since 1991, and currently works with CNR as a Drilling Supervisor. Douglas is married with three children, two of which are currently studying at University, one in Edinburgh and one in London. In his spare time, Douglas enjoys hitting the tennis court and golf course, along with taking on some home improvements and farming duties. He also has a keen interest in cycling and plans to spend the prize money on new cycling equipment and/or clothes. 

Congratulations, Douglas!

Douglas Brown

Bas van der Woude, Achieves 100% for the 4th time in a row!

Special congratulations to Bas, who has achieved 100% in his Principles and Procedures paper for a fourth time

Since the last time Bas attended the IWCF course in 2017, he has relocated to the Hague with his wife and 3 children, and is currently working as a Drilling Superintendent for Wintershall Noordzee’s jack-up operations in the southern North Sea. 

Bas joined Wintershall in 2004 after obtaining his MSc Petroleum Engineering degree from Heriot-Watt. He went through the 2-year graduate training programme, working for various OPCOs in The Netherlands, Germany, Brazil and Libya. He then went on to work on rotation as a field drilling engineer in the Libyan desert for a 2-year period, before moving to Wintershall Noordzee in Rijswijk, The Netherlands. After working there for nearly 5 years as a drilling engineer involved in planning and operations for jack-up wells in the Southern North Sea, he moved to Norway at the end of 2012. Bas is currently working as a Senior Drilling Engineer in Stavanger for Wintershall Norway, where he is responsible for planning and operations for the exploration wells on-board the Borgland Dolphin semi-submersible.

Bas and his wife Nathalie have been together since 2001. Their first son, Thomas, was born in The Netherlands in 2008 (pictured here, fishing with his Dad). In the spring of 2009 twins (son Jesse and daughter Louise) were born. As a family of five they have been enjoying what life has to offer. Bas tells us, “It has been a hectic ride at times with the three youngsters, but above all really great fun and it has been amazing to watch them grow these past years. They have adapted well to their new life in Stavanger. We are enjoying the outdoors and Norwegian scenery to the fullest!”

A few years ago, Bas picked up cycling on the road bike and in 2014 he rode the infamous cobblestones when he participated in the Paris-Roubaix challenge (170km)! Also being a big football fan, Bas spent the £250 prize money on football tickets to see the Ajax championship game with his brother and two of his best friends, watching Ajax win their third Eredivisie championship title (2013) in a row!

Bas van der Woude


Don Walker has scored a perfect 100% in his P&P paper and joined the ranks of the ADS 100 Club! He has worked offshore for 10 years, starting off as a Roustabout, and has worked his way up to his current position as a Driller. He has been with Noble for almost 5 years and works in the Danish sector of the North Sea. He is engaged to Racheal and they have a 2-year old daughter together, currently living in a small town in North-East Scotland. In his spare time, Don enjoys trips away in his VW campervan (when the weather is nice). He is also a dedicated football fan and enjoys going to matches in support of his local team, Aberdeen FC.

Don is very generously donating his cash prize to a friend’s JustGiving page who is currently fighting cancer. He also promises to treat his fiancée and daughter too, out of his own pocket, to celebrate the recent success.

Well done, Don!

Don Walker

Jack Cronin, The art of performing perfectly and donating to the performing arts too!

Jack has worked for Shell for almost 15 years now, starting offshore as a hands-on trainee and then working his way through the standard progression route to Drilling Supervisor.  He’s worked on a number of Shell’s key projects, covering abandonment work, subsea well interventions and most recently, HPHT development drilling. He has also spent some time working in the Aberdeen office as a Well Engineer, and has recently been successful in applying for a new role as a Well Engineering Trainer & Well Control Instructor in Oman, seconded from Shell to PDO. The 100% mark in P&P surpasses the required 90% for instructor qualifications, so it must be a good omen for the new role!

Jack is married to Claire, and they have one daughter, Connie. The three of them live on the Isle of Wight, which is where he and his wife both grew up (thought they didn’t know each other back then)! They both left the island to study and pursue careers and met each other years later. Jack pursued a career as a Well Engineer, and his wife is a Musical Theatre actress. They have since returned to the Isle of Wight and now live in a small village on the South Coast - about as far from the North Sea as possible! Their daughter is now five years old and shows a keen interest in both engineering and performing arts at the moment!

Jack and his family spend a lot of time outdoors on the Isle of Wight, walking their dog Rosie, and working in the garden. He enjoys making things, fixing things, and breaking things, and also likes to go fishing with his dad on their shared fishing boat when time and weather allows.

Very generously, Jack plans to donate the cash prize to a local theatre group that his wife works with! They run weekly workshops for adults with learning difficulties, putting on a show a few times a year for people to come and watch.

The adults enjoy the group immensely, and I thought that it would be nice for the money to go to a worthy cause.” We completely agree, Jack! What a fantastic and thoughtful gesture. 

Jack Cronin

Christopher Ness, The sun shines on his P&P success!

Christopher is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and Senior Drilling Engineer currently working at Cairn Energy.  He graduated from University in 2003 with a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from RGU and joined ADTI's 5-year graduate programme. On completion of the training programme he worked at ADTI for several years before moving to AGR Well Management. From there he moved on to EnQuest and most recently Cairn Energy.  Throughout his career he has enjoyed working in various regions of the world including the North Sea (UK Sector), Middle East, Falkland Islands and the Mediterranean. 

Christopher has been married for 5 years and has 2 young children (a 2-year old and a 6-week old). In his spare time, he loves to play football and spend time with the kids, and we’re told that the ADS 100 Club cash prize will go towards a family summer holiday!

Congratulations, Christopher! We hope you enjoy your time in the sun this summer.

Christopher Ness

Mustafa Ahmadov, Raising the bar for instructor candidates!

We're extremely pleased to announce that Aberdeen Drilling School instructor, Mustafa, recently scored 100% in his P&P paper as part of his biennial IWCF Instructor renewal! He’s the second instructor to achieve the perfect score this year, following in Pak Agus Riyadi’s footsteps. It looks like these two are raising the bar for instructor candidates worldwide.

Mustafa is an accredited Well Control instructor with over 15 years’ experience of developing and delivering IWCF and IADC accredited courses in both Drilling Well Control and Well Intervention Pressure Control (Workover-Well Services) to international clients.  With a background in technical teaching and educational management, he also has 20 years’ of oilfield experience under his belt.

Mustafa is a dedicated family man and all-round nice guy. He has trained O&G delegates in English, Russian, and Azeri in various countries and he consistently receives praise for his calm and supportive teaching style which complements his wealth of industry knowledge. He spends his free time relaxing at home in Baku or travelling and visiting his now grown-up children.

Congratulations, Mustafa! We’re very lucky to have you on the ADS team.

Mustafa Ahmadov

Nicholas Riley, Something to celebrate!

Nicholas is a Drilling Superintendent who currently works at Enquest. He graduated in 1999 from Edinburgh University with a BEng (Hons) in Chemical Engineering before completing an MSc in Process Analytics at the University of Newcastle. He joined the oil industry in 2001 with Halliburton. 

Nicky intends to put the prize towards a department night out as “due to the downturn, they are as rare as hen’s teeth!”

What a fantastic gesture. We hope you enjoy your celebratory evening with colleagues and congratulations from all of us at ADS!

Nicholas Riley

Marius Jaugelis, Top Marks for a Top Guy

Marius has 14 years’ experience in the offshore oil and gas industry, starting out as a ‘roustie’ in the Forties field and progressing to UDW Driller on Pacific drill ship. He has worked in UK, Brazil, Argentina, West Africa, and also found the time to complete a Petroleum Engineering course through a distance learning programme at Herriot-Watt University.

Marius has been happily married for over 20 years to his lovely wife, Helen. They have two wonderful kids: daughter, Eva and son, Roland. They live in Lithuania and a year ago moved to countryside where Marius always has a project on the go, from chopping wood, to gardening, to construction projects with welding works in the garage. The family occasionally gets also involved, when possible, and safe to do so!

Outside of work, Marius loves to spend time with the family. In summer, they enjoy camping, fishing, and hiking in various places across Europe with the help of their motorhome to get them about. In winter, they’re often found skiing.
Marius tells us that his well control course has become a ritual of five days’ shopping 'therapy' for his wife (she usually joins him on the trip to Aberdeen), and so the prize money was spent before it was awarded! Haha! :)

Congratulations and we’ll see you again next time, Marius!

Marius Jaugelis

Geoff Coker, Soaring to Sunny Skies of Success

Geoff works as a Senior Drilling Supervisor and was most recently working for Ophir Energy in Thailand. He has over 24 years of experience in the oil industry, starting out as a reservoir engineer, moving into drilling engineering and later into drilling supervision. He has worked in 8 different countries, from Australia to Norway, and has seen just about every type of drilling rig there is.

Key interests include popular science, anything mechanical, sports, motorcycles, vintage guitars, watch-making and collecting. Geoff lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with his girlfriend, and has two teenage daughters. 

We’re told that the prize money will go towards a holiday with his kids. Congratulations again, Geoff! We hope you enjoy the upcoming vacation.

Geoff Coker

Dave Cormack, Dave is "somebody who cares"

Congratulations to an old friend of Aberdeen Drilling School, Dave Cormack, who recently scored 100% for a THIRD time on the Principles & Procedures paper of the IWCF Well Control exam. Dave is the author of “An Introduction to Well Control Calculations for Drilling Operations” which was published by Springer in 2017 and is available globally. In a long and varied career in drilling has been involved in Well Control training on four continents, has personally worked with people at all organisational levels and currently still delivers well control training to both international standards. He said that given what he does for a living and that his books are specifically aimed at preparing candidates for the maths they will encounter on well control school it would not be appropriate for him to personally accept the cash prize that ADS awards to Well Control candidates for achieving a perfect score.

Each time Dave has scored 100% he has generously offered to match the ADS award and has donated the total amount to one of Aberdeen’s local charities, Somebody Cares. Dave personally met the founder, Jenny Taylor and her husband Brian Taylor at the Somebody Cares retail unit in Hazlehead to hand over the cheque back in 2014. The charity which started in 2002 and is entirely funded by donations, provides food, furniture and clothing to people who are in desperate and urgent help. It is hard to believe over 18,000 families in the oil capital of Europe live on less than £50 a week, but thanks to generous supporters such as Dave, and founder Jenny, Somebody Cares "will make Aberdeen unique in the land in the way it takes care of its own". More information can be found on Somebody Cares by visiting

Dave Cormack

David C. Portwine, Top Marks for David!

David recently achieved a perfect score of 100% in the IWCF Principles & Procedure paper at Aberdeen Drilling School. He currently works as an OIM for Vantage Drilling Offshore Malaysia but travelled to Scotland for his training. He is married with two teenage children and plans to ask his wife for ideas before spending his cash prize. We hope it goes towards something the whole family can enjoy! 

Congratulations again, David and we hope to see you again in 2 years’ time!

David C. Portwine

Stuart Waltho, A Triumphant Return!

After narrowly missing the 100% score in the P&P paper back in 2015 (by one question!), Stuart Waltho returns 2 years later to nab the cash prize and earn his spot in the ADS 100 Club!

Stuart graduated from University of Strathclyde with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and joined ADTI in 2009 through a graduate scheme. He worked offshore as rig crew and Wellsite Drilling Engineer on a variety of exploration and appraisal wells in the North Sea. He then worked as Well Operations Engineer onshore Thailand and North Sea on a variety of Development and Workover projects. He’s currently working as Offshore Well Engineer with Exceed Well Management on a major North Sea subsea decommissioning project. 

In his spare time, Stuart enjoys outdoor activities such as Golf, Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Running, Sailing, Skiing, Surfing, but during the winter months, he sticks to indoor sports of Badminton and Swimming. He also has a keen interest in cars, with his current Audi S4 avant carrying the necessary sports equipment wherever he needs to go in all varieties of Scottish weather.

He tells us that the cash prize has already spent on a nice new pair of waterproof walking boots (ones with tread and without holes in them like the ones they replaced). 

Happy hiking, Stuart! 

Stuart Waltho

Patrick McGrath, P&P Perfection for Patrick!

Patrick is currently employed as Staff Wells Engineer / Well Ops Supervisor with Shell UK.  He started in the oil & gas business twelve years ago as a Mud Logging Geologist and tells us that it was an exciting adventure for someone born and raised in the Midlands where there is very little exposure to the offshore energy industry!  In 2006, he moved to Aberdeen and started a new job, working for Schlumberger Drilling & Measurements as an M/LWD Engineer before then becoming a Directional Driller working on call across the North Sea.  Four years later, he took an assignment on rotation to Saudi Arabia, where he worked for Schlumberger Middle East as a Directional Driller on the land rigs in Manifah and in Shaybah (in the Empty Quarter!).  Then, hungry for new challenges, he moved back to Aberdeen 5 years ago to work for Shell as a Night Drilling Supervisor on platform and semi-submersible drilling rigs. Over that time, Patrick has been involved in some very exciting projects, both as a Wells Supervisor offshore and as a Well Engineer onshore.  Currently, he’s planning the first ever campaign of subsea wellhead recoveries for Shell UK, which will help to define Shell’s strategy for this type of work in the future.

When he’s not doing DIY jobs at home, Patrick likes to go hiking and trail cycling.  He also loves to travel and, as a certified technical tri-mix diver, he’s always eager to plan his next dive holiday! Exploring the World War 1 wrecks of Scapa Flow was a highlight for him in 2016.

Patrick is a generous guy and selflessly plans to put his cash prize towards a birthday present for a loved one! Nice once, Patrick, and congratulation again on your achievement! 

Patrick McGrath

Michael Ari Dhanto, Revved up and ready to take on the P&P Challenge!

Michael is currently working as a Well Engineer at Schlumberger. He started at Schlumberger IPM working as a trainee rig crew member in Australia with CBM drilling. He then moved to Indonesia as a well engineer for the Wayang Windu Geothermal drilling project, and is now in Iraq as a night supervisor/well engineer for the ENI Zubair drilling project. He’s been in the industry for 4 years in total.

Michael likes to travel and, as a proud owner of a Kawasaki Ninja ZX636, he is a big fan of motorcycles! His cash prize is probably going to be spent either on travelling or on a nice dinner.

Congratulations, Michael!

Michael Ari Dhanto

Edem Edemidiong, 100% in Principles & Procedures AND in Equipment!

Edem recently scored 100% in BOTH of his IWCF written assessments for Drilling Well Control - an impressive achievement! 

He is currently working as a Senior Well Engineer with Shell Petroleum Development Company. He has worked there since 2000 and undertaken a variety of roles during his career including Concept Well Engineer; Asset Well Engineer; Drilling Supervisor on land, swamp, and jack-up rigs; and Wells Learning Adviser.

He married his lovely wife, Ofon, in 2003 and they have three children, Gerald (b. 2004), Bryan (b. 2008) and Stanley (b.2009). In his spare time, Edem enjoys golf, scrabble, DIY, and mentoring young drilling professionals!

Congratulations, Edem! It’s been a pleasure having you with us in Aberdeen and we hope you enjoy your well-earned cash prize!

Edem Edemidiong

​John White, Aces the P&P Paper!

John recently scored 100% in IWCF’s Principles & Procedures paper at our centre in Aberdeen! He is currently working as Team Lead (HPHT Design) with Shell. He's been working at Shell for over a decade in both offshore and onshore roles. He is married with 3 sons and lives in Alyth, Perthshire. In his free time, John enjoys sports such as football, tennis, and squash. 

We are told that the £250 cash prize will be spent on buckets, spades and inflatable toys for a beach holiday. For John’s sake, we here at Aberdeen Drilling School are hoping that there will be enough left over for a beachy cocktail with the obligatory paper umbrella in it! We think you’ve earned it, John!

Congratulations on the perfect P&P score! We hope to see you again soon.

​John White

Suei Ru Wong , A Shining Example!

Suei is the second female to join the ADS 100 Club and is the very first woman to achieve the perfect 100% score in IWCF’s P&P paper at Aberdeen Drilling International (Malaysia)! She is a Drilling Engineer at Repsol Oil & Gas Malaysia Limited and has been with Repsol (previously Talisman) for about 3 years now. Prior to this role, she was a cementing engineer with Halliburton for about 9 years, having worked at various locations including India, China, Brunei and Malaysia. 

Suei has a passion for travelling and exploring the history of various countries. During her free time, she likes to draw, swim or simply relax and watch TV. She’s not sure yet how she will spend the prize money but will probably spend it on a shopping trip!

Well done, Suei! A fantastic achievement!

Suei Ru Wong

Martin Geddes, From the Altitude of the Alps to the Dizzy Heights of a Perfect P&P Performance!

Martin graduated in 1995 from local university, Robert Gordon’s, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He then joined Baker Oil Tools and performed various engineering, operations and project management roles, mainly in wellbore intervention, later specialising in coiled tubing drilling when he joined Shell in 2005 to work as a Well Engineer on the Gannet CTD project. Since then, Martin has worked in various onshore and offshore positions in the UK and joined the Shearwater Noble Hans Deul team as Senior Well Engineer (Operations) in 2012 before progressing to his current role as Well Operations Team Lead (HPHT) with Shell UK 2015.

Martin and his lovely wife, Andrea, are both in this photo taken at Lac Montriond near Morzine in the French Alps. They live in Torphins, Aberdeenshire with their three sons, Rory (17), Callum (15) and Ben (12). 

Martin confesses to have little time for hobbies with three busy children, but he does love football. He enjoys watching Aberdeen and he’s still playing the sport at the age of 43! He has recently bought a new mountain bike and is exploring the paths and trails of Deeside. He also loves music is learning to play acoustic guitar. 

The prize money is apparently going towards a new washing machine as his old one broke on the day of his IWCF exam! (Sorry to hear it, Martin, and we hope the new one makes it through the next IWCF exam)

Congratulations from all of us Aberdeen Drilling School!!

Martin Geddes

Ben Martell, Ben has a "Flare" for P&P!

Ben recently scored 100% in all 3 IWCF papers for the 2nd time!! An amazing personal achievement!

Ben started his career in the oil industry 22 years ago, working initially as a Survey Engineer and then as a Directional Drilling Operations Engineer. He joined Shell in 2001 working both offshore and onshore in Aberdeen, before transferring internationally in 2005 and working as a Drilling Supervisor in South Korea, Sakhalin and Egypt. In 2012 he moved to the single string ventures team working as a Senior Operations Engineer drilling deepwater exploration wells in French Guiana and the Gulf of Mexico.  Ben is currently working in Nova Scotia, Canada, on a deepwater exploration campaign as Operations Manager.

While currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia with his wife, Anna, Ben enjoys sailing, scuba diving and skiing in his spare time! As for the prize money, Ben has generously offered to donate the £250 to a local charity in Halifax. 

Congratulations on an exceptional performance, Ben! We hope to see you again in 2 years.

Ben Martell


Mike is a consulting Drilling Superintendent and he achieved an impressive PERFECT SCORE in his IWCF P&P paper in December, 2016. He’s been working in the industry since 1973 and has travelled the globe with his work. Since 2003, he has been mainly based in the Far East region, mostly in Vietnam with a focus on granite base drilling. 

He is a proud dad to 2 lovely daughters and a proud grandfather to his 3-year-old grandson. When time permits, he enjoys spending time outdoors, often on the water when he gets the chance to go sailing but he also enjoys the golf course. 

Mike tells us that he appreciates good wine and cars that drive well, but the cash prize won’t be spent on these pastimes. The funds will be invested into his grandson’s account!  

Congratulations Mike! 

Mike Kassell


Roger joined Shell in 2008 as a Well Site Drilling Engineer working offshore on a variety of rigs and platforms. He then moved into the office for 3 years doing Brent P&A design work followed by design and operations for a drilling campaign on Nelson. He moved back offshore in 2013 to work as a Night Drilling Supervisor on the Ocean Guardian which he did for 18 months. Another move back into the office in 2015 as Operations Engineer lead to his most recent move a year later, back offshore as Drilling Supervisor on the Ocean Patriot!

Roger has been married for 2 years, with no kids but they have a dog that keeps them more than busy! He enjoys travelling and hopes to spend more time away now that he is back offshore. He also enjoys running and hopes to sign up to a few events in 2017.
He is in the process of looking for a new house and tells us the prize money will be kept aside for furniture when we finally find something.

Good luck with the house hunt, Roger, and congratulations again!

Roger Anderson


Muhammad is a Senior Drilling Supervisor working for PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB) and based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He has 6 years of experience in supervising drilling operation offshore on various type of drilling rigs (semi-submersible, tender assisted barge, jack-up, drillship and workover barge) and is involved in various types of drilling operations (surface & subsea development and exploration, workover, MPD & PMCD, HPHT & deepwater wells).

He has been married for 7 years and is a proud father to his 5-year-old son. Muhammad really enjoys spending time at home in Kuala Lumpur during time off and always looks forward to a vacation with his lovely family. In fact, he plans to spend the prize money on his next vacation, which we think is a fantastic idea! 

Congratulations, Muhammad! We hope to see you again in two years’ time.

Muhammad Yazdaan


Lindsay is currently working as a senior toolpusher and recently scored a perfect score of 100% on his Principles and Procedures paper at Aberdeen Drilling School. He began his career offshore in 1989 working for Penrod in the North Sea. When Ensco took over Penrod he continued to work in the North Sea for a total of 23 years. He later decided to broaden his horizons and “go international” so he joined Transocean and has spent the past 4 years in West Africa. He had always planned to semi-retire at the age of 50, and so he has now left Transocean and started up his own company. He hopes to day-rate his services and enjoy more time at home.

Lindsay has been married for 25 years to his wonderful wife Donna. They have twins, Truly and Damian, who are now 15.
His wife spends a lot of time riding her horse and looking after the family needs, while Lindsay has a boat on the Norfolk Broads, which he plans to spend more time on with family and friends now that he is enjoying more free time. He hopes to take the boat up the Thames and pass the houses of parliament in the next couple of years. He’s a keen DIY enthusiast and does everything except plastering ceilings!

As for the £250 cash prize, Lindsay tells us that he will “find something shiny for the boat if the family don’t spend it first!” 

Best of luck to you, Lindsay, and congratulations again! 

Lindsay Allen

Dirk De Clercq, Dirk did it, and did it well!

Dirk achieved 100% in his Principles & Procedure paper back in 2003 and is currently a Senior Drilling Supervisor/Consultant. He has over 28 years of industry experience working overseas and in the UK as a Sr. Drilling Supervisor for Shell International, and as a consultant in the North Sea since 2008.

Dirk has been married for 30 years and has two sons, both of whom graduated from university in 2013. The £250 reward became part of his holiday funds on a family trip abroad.

Dirk De Clercq

Johan Kr Mikkelsen, Great memories of an "all time high score" in Well Control

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Johan Mikkelsen at a Drilling Conference in Stavanger. Johan earned his drilling well control certificate the winter of 1983/84 and received a hand written letter from ADS congratulating him on his performance, described as an "all time high”. At the time, Johan had been running refinery operations and was converting to the offshore life being seconded to Mobil North Sea  in Aberdeen from Norsk Hydro. He loved his time spent with the drilling school. Back in Norway in 1985, he became the Operation Managar for the huge Oseberg field. From 1992 to 2000 he was heading up the Norsk Hydro drilling  department. Later on he became the asset owner of Oseberg and Troll fields , Country manager to Canada and the Statoil Project Director and Production Director for the Peregrino field in Brasil. After 40 years with the company he recently retired and is now the Chief Technical Officier with the Norwegian holding company Perestroika. Johan tells us he is amazed at what drilling has achieved during his years in the industry and there seems to be an endless  list of new opportunities.

Johan and his wife Birte have been married for 38 years and have three children but lost their only son to cancer in 2001.  The couple and the two daughters all live in the bergen area in Norway. Johan enjoys running  a lot, but skiing , gardening and fishing are also high on the leisure time list.

Johan Kr Mikkelsen

Warren Power, A powerful P&P performance!

Warren is Senior Toolpusher with Maersk Drilling in Norway on the Mearsk Reacher.  He is happily married to Catriona with two boys, Ryan and Sean (pictured- at Goodwood Races). 

Most of Warren’s spare time in winter is spent transporting his sons to rugby training and rugby matches, which the Powers really enjoy as a family.  Out of rugby season the family spend a lot of time at the beach, in Bognor Regis, Warren’s home town, where their beach hut is the perfect place to chill out!

Congratulations on the P&P result, Warren, and thank you for sharing the wonderful family photograph.

Warren Power

Jan Torgeir Vikenes , Handyman Jan pulls it out of the bag!

Jan is presently working as Toolpusher on Statfjord A/ Veslefrikk for Archer (Norway). He has been married to Randi for 32 years, has a son named Petter, and a daughter named Kristin. The family lives in Southern Norway and is never short of places to visit. With a house, a cabin in the mountains, a cabin in the country-side, a small boat, family and friends, time off work passes quickly.

Jan enjoys skiing in the winter and spends a lot of time rebuilding his cabin in the country-side. The coast in Southern Norway is fantastic for boating, and most of his summer is spent in the area. He is also known to spend a lot of time in his garage, fixing anything he can get his hands on. Like a true “handyman”, he plans to spend the £250 on something to add to his tool collection.

The photo is of Jan and his lovely lass in front of Lord Salvesens cabin in the Norwegian wilderness. The cabin was built around 100 years ago by men on foot, carrying building materials by horse, and in prams, and over lakes and rivers. Thanks for the great pic, Jan!

Jan Torgeir Vikenes

Erik Boon, Champagne celebration for noble Well Control winner!

Congratulations go to Erik Boon who wins £250 from ADS for scoring 100% on the Principles & Procedures paper of the IWCF Well Control exam. Erik is now part of the exclusive ADS100 Club alongside his Noble George Sauvageau colleague Stephen Brown!

Erik started working for Neddrill in 1986, and is now currently OIM on the Noble George Sauvageau.

Outside of work Erik enjoys sports, working on his house, computers, and travel.

A married family man, with 3 daughters (one of whom attended high school in Grand Bay, Alabama), Erik used some of his prize money to buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate his achievement. As Erik was so confident of winning the prize he started spending it before he had won, by having lunch at a nearby Italian restaurant in Aberdeen (he says he only comes for the 3-day refresher so he doesn’t gain too much weight!). The rest, according to Erik, was used on “sponsorship”, i.e. the expensive business of having 3 daughters!

Erik Boon

Norbert Jamot, Russian Winter - Shall be no problem for P&P winner!

A recent addition to the ranks of the “ADS 100 CLUB” is Norbert Jamot, a Drilling Engineer with the operating company Wintershall Noordzee B.V..
Norbert holds a Master of Petroleum Engineering from the IFP in France. Immediately following his studies, he joined Wintershall as a DE. Since then, he has spent the last six years working for Wintershall in different locations: three years in the field in Libya, Germany, the Netherlands and Dubai. This was followed by a transfer to the office in Libya and then back to the Netherlands where he has been based for the last 3 years.
He is currently on his way to a new posting in Moscow where he will begin planning some new operations in West Siberia. With the Russian winter approaching, we suggest that the £250 prize money which Norbert received from ADS for his Well Control achievement would be well spent on a fur hat and thermals!

Norbert Jamot

Ant Whittle, Outdoor life suits Well Control winner!

Congratulations go to Ant Whittle who has achieved a perfect 100% score in the Principles & Procedures paper of the IWCF Well Control exam at ADS, entitling him to ADS’s £250 prize, plus automatic entry to our exclusive “100 CLUB”!

Since joining Shell International as a Well Engineer in 1994, Ant has worked in planning, contracting, operations and supervisory roles in Holland, Shell’s Iran Project, Nigeria and now in Aberdeen. He is currently the SWE for the Brent Bravo and Brent Delta Platform Rigs working on the Brent Decommissioning project.

Ant is married to Katie (a project engineer also with Shell) and they have two young daughters.

Away from work, Ant is a self-confessed avid Manchester United and F1 fan (not necessarily at the same time, we hope!). He also enjoys outdoor pursuits including swimming, cycling and skiing. Ant’s idea of the ideal holiday is to plan vacations around experiencing new and varied cultures and scenery. As for the £250 he receives from ADS for his Well Control achievement, there is a camping trip planned to America later this year, so he reckons that it will most likely end up in the till at Tiso or Craigdon Mountain Sports!

Ant Whittle

Martin Grauland, Gardening and good food is reward for P&P prize winner!

Congratulations to Martin Grauland of Maersk Oil Qatar who joins the illustrious ranks of the “ADS 100 CLUB”!

Martin successfully negotiated the IWCF Well Control Principles & Procedures paper with a perfect 100% in April 2004 to earn himself a cash prize of £250 courtesy of ADS.

A Rig Supervisor with Maersk Qatar, Martin’s home base is Morigny-Champigny, France. He is planning to use the £250 award to buy some plants for his garden that he is presently re-doing, and to take his wife out for a dinner at their local Michelin-star-rated restaurant.

Martin Grauland

Tim Wrighton, P&P perfection for BP Baku boys

Congratulations to Tim Wrighton and Dave Fisher of BP Baku who both achieved 100% in the IWCF Well Control “Principles & Procedures” exam paper at the end of a recent Well Control course run for BP in Baku by Aberdeen Drilling School. The perfect “P&P” scores have earned Tim and Dave a £250 reward each (Aberdeen Drilling School offers a “Reward” incentive for what is regarded as the most difficult part of the IWCF testing). ADS “coughs up” on average only half-a-dozen times a year (from 500+ candidates), so to have two in one week was highly unusual – and a credit to the BP delegates’ knowledge and application.

Tim and Dave first met on Forties in the mid-90s where they were both offshore Drilling Engineers, then Operations Drilling Engineers in the office. In 1997 Tim moved to work on the West of Shetland fields and Dave to ETAP. Both are now in Baku.          Tim - a Senior Drilling Engineer on the Shah Deniz HP gas field – has been married to Lynn (a Midwife) for 13 years. They have two children, son Ben and daughter Alix, and their dog (Jess) completes the family.

When asked how he would spend the £250 prize-money, Tim diplomatically advised that he would be “taking professional advice” from his wife!

Aberdeen Drilling School’s Well Control Instructor who taught the 5-day course, said he was “delighted” to hear of two £250 winners on the same course. ADS’s accountant was said to be “unavailable for comment”!

Tim Wrighton

Ian Ross, From Aberdeen to Iran (via The Great Wall)!

The latest member of the ADS “100” CLUB, and winner of £250 for a perfect score in the IWCF Principles & Procedures paper, is Ian Ross. Ian is based in Tehran, Iran, as Operations Manager for OMV Iran, a subsidiary of the Austrian energy company, OMV AG.

OMV Iran are presently drilling the first well in an oil exploration campaign onshore west Iran - between the city of Ahwaz and the Iraq border - using a Chinese drilling rig from Great Wall Drilling Company. Needless to say, the project has many aspects which are challenging and interesting!

Ian started in the oil industry in 1979 with the British National Oil Corporation (BNOC – subsequently Britoil), later worked as a consultant for companies such as Enterprise Oil, Carless Exploration, Clyde Petroleum, British Gas, and then spent many years working for Ultramar and later LASMO in the UK, the Netherlands, Libya, and Indonesia, before joining OMV.

Throughout his time in the oil industry, Ian has always done his regular Well Control exam at Aberdeen Drilling Schools. He enjoys his return visits to Aberdeen, taking the opportunity to see old friends and enjoy the hospitality of the city. Ian regards it as “an honour” to be able to join the ADS “100” club and be awarded the prize from Aberdeen Drilling Schools for his result in the Well Control exam. The money has been shared between donations to the recent BBC 2004 “Children In Need” appeal; a local Iranian charity helping the survivors of the Bam earthquake tragedy in eastern Iran; and a “moderate celebration” after the Friday well control exam!

Ian Ross

Marco Vermeer, Vermeer masterpiece discovered at ADS!

Congratulations to Marco Vermeer, another addition to the ADS “100 CLUB” gallery! Unlike his namesake, the renowned 17th century Dutch painter, Marco’s achievement on this occasion is “scientific” rather than “artistic”, as he attained a perfect 100% score on his IWCF Well Control “Principles & Procedures” paper in March, 2005.

Marco is a Drilling Supervisor, presently working for Wintershall in the Libyan desert drilling exploration and appraisal wells. He started his career in the oil industry with Shell in 1982. After an extensive hands-on training programme, he was posted to Brunei (Borneo) in 1985, where he and his family subsequently spent some seven years. This was followed by six years in Oman and one year in Aberdeen. During this period, Marco moved up through the ranks from Assistant Driller to Senior Well Engineer. In 1999 he left Shell and has since been working as a Consultant Drilling Supervisor.

Marco Vermeer

Mike Thorogood, A thoroughly good achievement!

Congratulations to Mike Thorogood of BP! He has now twice received £250 from ADS for a perfect 100% score on his IWCF Well Control “Principles & Procedures” paper. What makes Mike’s achievement even more notable is the fact that his extraordinary 2005 examination mark was achieved on his first ever attempt at the IWCF Well Control course and exam!

Mike is a Drilling Engineer with BP at Wytch Farm in Dorset, UK. His first experience of the oil industry was a holiday job working as a Roustabout. This proved decisive in motivating him to embark on a career in the industry. He joined BP after finishing his studies and has been working there as a Drilling engineer, both offshore and - currently - in the office.      As for the £250 ADS prize? Mike is not married and says that “living the single life” will allow him to spend the money on his car. A case of “Making hay while the sun shines”, we suspect...?!

Mike Thorogood

Peter Mayo, Peter “riding high” on Well Control success!

Congratulations to another new addition to the ADS “100 CLUB”, Peter Mayo of BP, who has received £250 from ADS for a perfect 100% score on his IWCF Well Control “Principles & Procedures” paper. If that wasn’t enough, Peter actually scored a straight 100% across all three parts of the IWCF exam!

Peter is currently Drilling Superintendent with BP for the Magnus field.  Magnus has a challenging programme of extended reach drilling using conductor sharing wellheads drilled from four new slots.

He started in the industry in 1983 with Shell in Holland but soon moved to Aberdeen working on Shell's Dunlin platform and the Stadrill.  In 1988, he came onshore and worked in new field developments and later in support of the Brent south subsea development.  He left Shell in 1994 and worked as a consultant in support of North Sea and East Irish Sea projects.  In 2001, he joined BP supporting the West of Shetland drilling programmes.

Peter had thought he might find the IWCF examination difficult because he was just doing the refresher course, but he says “The past papers and guidance provided by Aberdeen Drilling School really helped”.  He reported “a great sense of achievement” to get 100% across all three tests.

His passion is for mountain biking “but only going downhill or over jumps”.  As for the £250 prize? Peter told ADS: “It would be nice to think that the prize money would go to some new flash components for the bike, but with four expensive kids to support, I think it will go their way in some form or other!”

Peter Mayo

Ron Wood, The accidental driller!

Congratulations from Aberdeen Drilling School to Ron Wood, a Drilling Supervisor with BP’s BKR Rhum Development Team, whose perfect 100% score in the “Principles & Procedures” paper of the IWCF Well Control exam entitles him to a £250 reward - and membership of the Drilling School’s exclusive “100 CLUB”! Ron has kindly given ADS some highlights of a very interesting life in the oilfield and how he got there: Family: Ron lives with the love of his life, Julie. Between the two of them, they have six children - James (23), Alex (20), Iysha (12), Calvin (15), Jordan (11) and Nathan (13) – and a grandchild Spencer (2). Route to the oilfield: Born and raised in the Blackpool area, Ron left school at 16 and started his working life as a dustman for Wyre Borough council. This job lasted 3 months during the summer of 1974. In Sept 1974 he joined ICI as an Apprentice Fitter, training up to repair pumps and compressors, etc. He completed his apprenticeship in 1978 and became a Mechanical Fitter.  Before leaving ICI in 1983 he worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer, having gained his HNC in Mechanical Engineering. Ron joined Shell International as a trainee driller quite by accident! The job ad he read in the newspaper asked for a Mechanical Engineer - not a Driller. However, the application form stated “Trainee Driller” so, after some thought, he decided to apply for the job – he was, after all, “used to drilling holes in steel!” During the first interview, the “Driller’s” job and the possible travel involved sounded quite interesting so he decided to give it a go.

He started with NAM in Holland “roughnecking”, then worked as an Assistant Driller with QGPC Offshore in Qatar before becoming a Driller with PDO in Oman. Ron came to the North Sea in January 1989 as a nightshift Drilling Supervisor working on the Sedneth 701, West Stadrill and finally the Tern platform. He was promoted to dayshift supervisor within the year and worked for Shell on various Semis, mainly on HPHT wells in CNS and then on platforms from 1992 until 1995.He left Shell in 1995 to work as a consultant Drilling Supervisor, consulted for Amerada Hess and BP Exploration until BP offered him a staff position in November 1998. Since joining BP Ron has worked on the ETAP project, Miller platform, various Southern North Sea projects, West of Shetlands, Angolan Deepwater Exploration in Blocks 18 and 31 and the Devenick / Rhum HP/HT exploration / development projects. He will be returning to Angola later this year (2005). Interests: “Keeping Julie and the kids happy” Football (supports Blackpool Football Club) Windsurfing (but only on holiday these days) Avid collector of soul music records.

Dislikes: Prejudice, racism and greed “Being in the red!” Memorable moments while working in the oilfield: Trying to get a Kelly cock stabbed while the well was blowing out up the drillstring in Oman Tackled a kick on the North Cormorant after having only been on the rig 20 minutes! A well started to flow while running sandscreens and then had to strip in to bottom to kill the well Watched the Iranian Rostan platform burning in the Arabian Gulf after it was bombed in about 1985/6 whilst working offshore in Qatar Played football for England against Scotland live on TV while working in Qatar in 1986 (expatriate match) Had his record collection confiscated at the Oman / Abu Dhabi border when moving country. Managed to get them back after some time Passing his Shell Rounds 1 + 2 and, of course, also getting 100% in his IWCF exam at Aberdeen Drilling School!

Ron Wood

Leigh Foster, Well Control reward is “parfait” for Leigh!

Leigh Foster of BP is another recruit to the ADS “100 CLUB”, having achieved 100% on his IWCF Well Control Principles & Procedures paper and winning himself £250 from ADS. Leigh has been in the oil business as drilling engineer/supervisor since 1981, initially working for BP, then ARCO and, since 2002, BP again.  He has used ADS for his Well Control refresher since about 1990 and says he finds the course format “useful, enjoyable and convenient”.  He is currently working on a semi-sub in the Caspian Sea, drilling template wells on the Azeri field, and enjoying the practical challenges of being “at the sharp end” again. His previous work assignments have taken him from the UK to the US, Africa, the Middle East and south-east Asia.  He developed his French language skills on assignment in Algeria, and put them to good use recently when he and his wife took on a property in southern France.  Leigh is a keen windsurfer, cyclist and skier, and this location offers plenty of opportunities to do all three.  He has two (“large and still growing!”) teenage sons.

Leigh plans to donate part of the £250 prize to the British Heart Foundation, and to use the rest to take his family out for a meal.

Leigh Foster

Johan Jansen, Exploring our Planet is “true reward” for P&P winner!

Congratulations to another new addition to the ADS “100 CLUB”, Johan Jansen, who has received £250 from ADS for a perfect 100% score on his IWCF Well Control “Principles & Procedures” paper!

Johan has been working as a Drilling Supervisor for Shell for a number of years. He started off as an Assistant Driller in the northern North Sea in 1987, and since then has been lucky enough to travel to various parts of the globe. He has worked on land rigs in the desert of Oman, the “cloud forests” in Northern Argentina and the rice paddies of Thailand. These experiences alternated with offshore work in Denmark, Namibia, Brunei and Norway.

Over the last couple of years, Johan has had the pleasure of working on semisubs in the UK sector in the North Sea again - back to where he started! He is, however, quite happy to say that he will soon be leaving the high-tech world of the North Sea to go “back to basics” in Africa! Johan is looking forward to working in the rainforests of Gabon for the next few years - a new country to explore, not just in a professional sense but also meet its people, and enjoy its nature and wild life. According to Johan, these are the “true rewards” of working in countries that are off the beaten track. Wherever he has worked he has always taken the opportunity to travel the country – whether it be exploring the mountains and deserts of Oman, camping on the plains of Namibia, crossing the mountains of the Argentinian Andes, or driving from Oman to Holland

Johan Jansen

David Walker, Walker rides to Well Control success!

David Walker has been working in the oil industry for the past 18 years, starting as a roustabout for Kenting Drilling Services on Wytch Farm Oilfield in Dorset. After progressing to Driller, he ventured overseas to spend some time in Africa, Bangladesh and the Middle East. Since being overseas, he has moved from Driller to Senior Toolpusher, working for various companies along the way.

David has just secured a position with a brand new company called Larchford Limited who have purchased a new cyber-based hydraulic land rig to begin a long term drilling contract onshore UK for Star Energy.

Aside from “spending too much time working”, David lives in Hampshire with “gorgeous girlfriend Hannah”, and spends his time doing motorcycle track-days and generally enjoying what free time is available to him.

David becomes the latest recruit to the ADS 100 CLUB, membership of which is reserved exclusively for IWCF Well Control candidates who score a perfect 100% on the Principles & Procedures paper of the Well Control exam and earn a personal cheque for £250.

David Walker

Alistair Sprott, P&P perfection is music to Alistair's ears!

Congratulations to Alistair Sprott, who joins the ranks of the ADS “100 CLUB” having achieved 100% on his IWCF Well Control “Principles & Procedures” paper and earned himself a £250 reward.

Aberdeen-based Alistair came to drilling from a general engineering background around 11 years ago, initially joining Shell in Aberdeen, and following their Round 1 and 2 training programme for the 2 1/2 years. During this time he worked on the Sedco 704 and Brent Alpha as trainee DSV. On completion of his training he had a spell in the office as the well design engineer for the Brent Alpha, before going back offshore to the Brent Alpha as DSV for a couple of years.

When the platform was mothballed mid-2002, Alistair transferred to PDO in Oman, where he worked as DSV in Exploration and HPHT development for the next four years. In July 2006 he returned to work in the UKCS, taking a position with BP, working on the new Magnus extension project, drilling new ERD wells from splitter conductors.

When on his time off, Alistair enjoys travelling, and (closer to home) mountain biking in the forests around Aberdeen. He is also currently learning to play the guitar, and intends to use his £250 cheque from ADS to stock up on some new guitar equipment!

Alistair Sprott

James Meeke, The drinks are on James after Well Control achievement!

Congratulations to James Meeke who joins the ranks of those who have achieved a perfect 100% score in the “Principles & Procedures” in the IWCF Well Control exam and a reward of £250 from Aberdeen Drilling School.

James is a Drilling Engineer with SPD, a provider of well engineering services to the oil & gas industry, with headquarters in Dubai, UAE and offices in Aberdeen and Doha, Qatar.

James graduated with a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from U.Q. in Australia in 2001. He worked for service companies in the Middle East and North Africa for 4 years before joining SPD. For the past two years, James has been working for SPD as a Drilling Engineer based in Dubai. This entails a variety of drilling engineering and supervisory work. He is currently working on an exploration project offshore Mozambique.

In the spare time that his job allows, James enjoys travelling, reading and bushwalking.

When asked how he will use the £250 prize, James said he intends to “Shout the guys in the office some drinks, and see what’s left after that!”

James Meeke

Ian Hammill, Double perfection for noble man!

CONGRATULATIONS go to Ian Hammill, another £250 winner for gaining a 100% score in the ‘Principles and Procedures’ paper of the IWCF Well Control exam.

Ian is currently working as a Drilling Supervisor, for SNEPCo, a Shell company operating in Deepwater Nigeria. He is assigned to the Sedco 702. He has worked for Shell since graduation, initially in The Netherlands and subsequently in the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea before transferring to Nigeria in 2006.

Ian’s interests include preparing and competing in trials cars, going to the gym and riding his bicycle.

When asked how he plans to use the £250, Ian said: “I have recently moved house in Gloucestershire and will put the prize towards some improvement work".

Ian Hammill

Graham Boyce, “Managing pressure" is Graham's secret for perfection in well control exam!

Congratulations to Graham Boyce of Halliburton, who joins the ADS “100 CLUB”, having achieved a rare 100% on his IWCF Well Control “Principles & Procedures” paper and earning himself a £250 reward.

After completing a degree in Geology, Graham started in the oil industry in 1990 working as a Mudlogger based in the North Sea. He worked in a variety of positions before taking an MSc in Drilling Engineering at Robert Gordon University in 1998.

He is employed by Halliburton as a Technical Advisor for Underbalanced and Managed Pressure Drilling. He is currently working in India, responsible for Managed Pressure Drilling in a HPHT field in the Bay of Bengal and Underbalanced Drilling in a fractured carbonate field off the west coast of India.

Graham enjoys travel and in the last ten years has worked in many different countries including Australia, Algeria, Mexico and Thailand.

Married to Lynne with two sons, Josh and Dan, the Boyce family home is in North Yorkshire, between the Dales and the Moors. On days off work he enjoys DIY, working in the garden and walking with the family.

And what about the £250 reward from Aberdeen Drilling Schools? This will go on “a new bike for Josh and some outdoor toys for Dan”.

Graham Boyce

Hans Nijssen, Positive thinking is Hans' secret to success!

Congratulations to Hans Nijssen who joins the ranks of those who have achieved a perfect 100% score in the “Principles & Procedures” in the IWCF Well Control exam and a reward of £250 from Aberdeen Drilling School.

Hans (51) is a father of 5 children. As a mechanical engineer (Bsc), he joined the Shell International 'trainee-driller' programme in 1980 and, after obtaining the necessary experience combined with the Shell certificates Round-1 and 2, decided to leave the company in 1986 and go his own way as a consultant drilling supervisor.

His first DSV job was for PDO (Shell Oman) in 1988. Since then he has worked for a wide variety of operators (Shell, BP, Total, Gaz de France, Wintershall) in about 12 different countries. At present he's working for Shell Libya as Senior DSV on their first remote HPHT well in the Libyan desert using the KCAD T-202 rig which was recently upgraded in Dubai. An interesting aspect of this project is the fact that they will be using the MPD (Managed Pressure Drilling) technique in the reservoir.

Hans sums up his attitude to life and work: "My job takes me everywhere around the world where I would like to work. Besides being an enthusiastic and positive thinking (rig)team builder, I love the responsibilities that come with the function of 'Day Rep'. The same enthusiasm I found with both of my instructors at the Aberdeen Drilling Schools, Dave Pollock and Blue Rapley. Thanks, guys, for your professional support." The £250 reward will be donated to a good cause.

Hans Nijssen

Richard I. Smith, Richard limps to the "P&P" finish line!

Congratulations to Richard I. Smith of BP who joins the ADS 100 CLUB, reserved for drilling people who have achieved a perfect 100% score in the “Principles & Procedures” in the IWCF Well Control exam and earn a reward of £250 from Aberdeen Drilling School.

Richard is BP Clair Wells Team Leader.  He has been with BP for 25 years this year, mainly working in the drilling discipline in Aberdeen, with spells in London, Anchorage and Stavanger. 

The proud father of three children (the youngest, Juliet, is pictured), Richard enjoys cycling (commuting) and playing tennis, although he dislocated his knee cap on the Monday night of the well control course playing tennis, so won't be picking up a tennis racket for quite a few weeks now!  He reckons the £250 prize from ADS will likely be spent on physiotherapy and taxis!

Richard I. Smith

Walter Allan, New arrival means busy times ahead for Walter!

Walter Allan is a recent addition to the ADS “100 CLUB” and wins £250 for the achievement of obtaining a perfect 100% score on his IWCF Well Control P&P paper.

Walter started work in the oil industry in January 1980 as a roustabout in the North Sea with Jebsens and progressed through Lauritzen, Diamond, Ensco and Atwood Oceanics to Operations Superintendent in Australia, the Far East, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. He left Atwood in 2007 and presently works as Drilling Supervisor on a consultancy basis – over the past three years on a land rig, semi-subs, jack-up, drillship and production platform in Egypt, Africa, India and Trinidad.

Home for Walter is in France where he and his wife and enjoy cycling during the summer, skiing in winter and, needless to say, they manage to find time for “wine tasting” all year round!

On the same day as his IWCF exam, Walter and his wife received news from their daughter of their imminent grandparenthood. He reckons this will mean more time being spent back home in Scotland - and he has already kissed goodbye to the £250 prize!

Walter Allan

Gerardus Burger, Nothing is impossible when you aim for perfection!

G.H.M. (Gerardus) Burger is the latest addition to the ADS 100 CLUB, receiving a prize of £250 for a perfect 100% score on his IWCF Well Control Principles & Procedures exam. Father to three children - Nathalie (18), Meryl (18) and Richard (16) - Gerardus started in the oilfield in 1982 as a roughneck for Neddrill and joined Shell in 1997 as a DSV. He is currently working in Qatar drilling development wells for the Shell Pearl GTL project. He has mainly worked offshore on drillships, semi’s and jackups but also has desert experience (in Egypt and Oman). Highlights of a varied career in drilling include some special projects: he worked on the first UBD well for Shell Egypt, and the current wells in Qatar where they have the rig on a high airgap and perform SIMOPS on temporary work-platforms, cutting the well times in half. Gerardus's attitude in work is to continuously look for improvement, both in performance and safety. "I start to enjoy a new idea if others say it is not possible. Whenever I leave the industry I would like to say that I have contributed to some new ideas and improvements." Gerardus has generously opted to donate his £250 reward from ADS to the humaniarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontieres, in recognition of "the tremendous work they do under difficult circumstances".

Away from work, Gerardus enjoys hiking and plays acoustic guitar. At least once a week he and his family take a 20km hike through the Dutch forests. He takes weekly guitar lessons and plays all kinds of popular music (at the moment he's working on pieces by the Dutch guitarist Harry Sacksioni).

Gerardus has been a regular visitor to ADS for courses and exams since 1985.

Gerardus Burger

Dave McCarroll, Everton fan Dave scores Well Control goal!

Dave McCarroll joins ADS’s excusive “100 CLUB”, having achieved the maximum score in the Principles & Procedures paper of the IWCF Well Control exam. Currently working for Ensco as Toolpusher in the central North Sea, Dave started offshore with Penrod drilling. His drilling career has spanned 20 years offshore working on jack-ups in the southern and central North Sea, Irish Sea, Holland and Denmark.

Career highlights have included working overseas in Singapore shipyard then Malaysia (with local crews) and southern Australia. Home for Dave is Liverpool with wife Nicola and their three children  Jamie (17), Jessica (13) and baby Charlie (3). Dave lists as one of his interests watching his football team, Everton. He is also a DIY enthusiast and spends as much time with the family as work will allow. His idea of a good day out is visiting his favourite places in north Wales.  As for the £250 prize from ADS, Dave is “sure the wife and kids will decide what to spend it on, and will probably get their way!”

Dave McCarroll

Lewis Steven, Lewis reaches the peak of Well Control perfection ... for a second time!

Congratulations go to Lewis Steven who wins £250 from ADS for scoring 100% on the Principles & Procedures paper in 2010 and AGAIN in 2013.

Lewis has been working in the oil industry since 1994 after graduating in Mechanical Engineering from Aberdeen University. His operational career started with Santa Fe Drilling and he has been with Shell for over a decade.

He has mainly worked in Europe (UK and Norway) with a spell in the Middle East. Lewis is currently working as Drilling Supervisor on the West Navigator Drillship in Norway, assigned to the Ormen Lange project, drilling and completing gas production wells which currently provide 20% of the UK's gas requirements via subsea pipeline from Norway.

When not working, Lewis enjoys travelling and outdoor pursuits such as climbing and snowboarding. He said in 2010 that the £250 prize would come in useful for his next trip to Chamonix in the French Alps. In December 2013 he told us that he would have no trouble finding things to spend his cash prize on, especially with Christmas just around the corner! Happy holidays, Lewis.

Lewis Steven

Don Nellis, Well Control knowledge for a good cause!

Congratulations to Don Nellis, a recent new addition to the ADS’ “100 CLUB”, reserved for IWCF candidates who score a perfect 100% on the Principle & Procedures paper of the IWCF Well Control exam. A much-travelled drilling professional with a career spanning 40 years, Don is a well known figure in the worldwide drilling community. His time in the industry has involved 10 years with various drilling contractors, 9 years as a Drill Rep with Shell, and 20 years with BP, with postings including the North Sea and Azeri sector of the Caspian.

Now semi-retired, Don is keeping active with part-time work as a competency assessor for various drilling disciplines, and also works as a relief Drilling Manager/Regional Drilling Manager for an independent operator in South East Asia. Away from work, he enjoys golf and swimming, and with homes in Thailand and Malaysia, there is ample opportunity to pursue both activities. When asked why “home” is no longer the UK, Don’s reply is:  “Old bones like the sunshine!” The photos show him “hard at work” on the beach and golf course! Don has very generously asked for the £250 reward he would receive from ADS for his P&P achievement to “go to a good cause”. The charity selected for this is UCAN, an Aberdeen-based organisation which raises awareness of urological cancers and improves support and quality of life for individuals and their families who are affected. More information about UCAN can be found by visiting

Don Nellis

Frans, 100% P&P achiever uses winnings to bring the family together

Frans, who recently scored 100% in his Well Control P&P paper, boasts extensive experience within the oil industry and has worked aboard for over 30 years. Since 1976, Frans has worked for Shell in the UK, Norway, Oman, Qatar, Brunei and twice in Egypt, working his way through the ranks from Assistant Driller to Drilling Manager. Retired from Shell in 2008 at the age of 55, he settled in Belgium and enjoyed life for a few years until he sought to take up some part time employment. After un-retiring himself in the end of 2010 with the plan of taking up short and interesting projects, Frans had since worked in London, Iraq, Congo and Mumbai.

Happily married, Frans and his partner have 4 daughters aged 26 to 32 whom have all flown the nest and the prize will be spent on a nice family dinner when they can get everyone home at the same time. Outside work, the garden takes up much of his time and when the "honey do" list is finished there is a laith and a milling machine in the cellar with an unfinished little engine next to it which he personally designed and hopes to bring to" life" sometime soon.


Malcolm Hill, Rising to the P&P challenge!

Malcolm Hill has been employed by BHP Billiton Petroleum for the past four years. He is currently involved in deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico adding to a variety of work locations including Vietnam, the Falkland Isles, Trinidad, Pakistan and Australia.

When he isn’t enjoying the challenges of a modern day oil industry Malcolm spends his time with his wife, four children and his first grandchild. He has a passion for modern day motorcycles, occasionally taking to the race track with his Ducati, and he isn’t afraid to brave the elements to trek the countryside with his dogs. Malcolm plans to spend his prize money on a family evening out to celebrate the result.  He will use this time to reflect on his earlier well control training days at ADS, where one of our instructors, Gene Wilson, inspired him to grasp the fundamentals of well control and make learning enjoyable for the first time.

Malcolm Hill

Duncan Bowers, Duncan is a "reel" expert when it comes to P&P!

Congratulations to Duncan Bowers, our most recent addition to ADS’s exclusive “100 Club”, having scored 100% on the Principles and Procedures paper of the IWCF Well Control exam.

After starting out his career in the industry as a trainee Driller in 1981, Duncan quickly climbed the ladder and went on to work as a DSV on a variety of rigs for over 17 years, followed by a few years spent as a Field Drilling Supervisor. After pursing a role in HSE, Duncan is currently working as a Senior Safety Practitioner in a Joint Venture, courtesy of a NEBOSH Diploma he achieved through distance learning.  

In Duncan’s 31 years within the Oil and Gas industry, he has had the opportunity to work in a number of countries throughout his career including; Brunei, Gabon, Thailand, Vietnam, Tanzania, UK, Dutch North Sea sectors, Egypt and is presently working in Kazakhstan. Married with 2 children, both now grown up and finding their own feet, Duncan now resides in the Scottish Highlands with his wife. Given that he last sat his IWCF Well Control exam over 10 years ago, Duncan can only put his success down to hard work and the time he spent revising. A keen golfer, and an enthusiastic sea fisher, Duncan plans to reward himself by spending his £250 winnings on a couple of well-deserved fishing trips where he will be out of any phone network the next time his company are short of someone to go offshore.

Duncan Bowers

Rolandas Vadeikis, Sharp shooter Rolandas proves his accuracy

Rolandas began working offshore 13 years ago as a painter on the jack-up drilling rig “Noble Ronald Hoope”. He has worked his way up the ranks to his current position as assistant driller. He is married, has a 17 year old son, and he loves to spend his free time outdoors enjoying canoeing, fishing, hunting, and target shooting.

He deserves special congratulations for being our first assistant driller to gain 100% in the principles & procedures paper! So, well done Rolandas from all of us at ADS, you are a credit to your company.

With Christmas fast approaching, the £250 cash prize will be going towards presents for friends and family. Happy holidays, Rolandas!

Rolandas Vadeikis

Jan Tamminga, Celebrating a tall achievement with a tall glass of bubbly!

Jan Tamminga is a Field Manager for Shell Upstream Turkey and has been with Shell for 26 years. His last three job roles have seen him in Syria, Iraq and Turkey. Jan has three children with his wife, who he has been married to for 26 years - “not bad in the oilfield industry” he tells us.

Jan likes to spend his free time either on a motorbike, keeping fit or working around the farmhouse. As for the prize money, we are assured that it will be spent wisely.

Jan Tamminga

Sebastien Degroote, Congratulations Sebastien!

Drilling Engineer, Sebastian joined Total in March 2011 and is currently working on HPHT projects on the Elgin/Franklin field. Prior to Total, Sebastian worked for BP where he started his career in 2006 after graduating from the IFP-School in Paris. His work experience has included planning deepwater Angolan wells and ERD wells. Sebastian spends his free time with his two children and his wife and will spend his prize money on an iPad.

Sebastien Degroote

Jason Tarr, Congratulations Jason!

After Jason left school in 1984 he started working for Shell. With 16 years’ drilling experience Jason is now a Senior Drilling Supervisor in Norway. His work has included deepwater and HPHT projects. Besides spending time with his wife and two young children, Jason restores old cars and participates in motorsports. He also enjoys photography, gardening and DIY. He is likely to spend his prize money on a weekend away.

Jason Tarr

Seamus Collins, Congratulations Seamus!

Seamus Collins has been in the offshore oil industry for 15 years. During this time he has worked for Atlantic Drilling, Diamond Offshore and is currently based in Aberdeen as a Well Control trainer for Transocean. In his spare time Seamus travels, swims and takes part in cycle touring. Seamus has an 18 year old son (who apparently knows everything) and has been married to his wife Fiona for 30 years, who will spend the prize money wisely.

Seamus Collins

Rovshan Ibrahimov, A credit to his profession!

Rovshan graciously thanked all ADS staff for their support throughout his time at ADS and we would like to return the thanks. Thank you for your outstanding efforts in the field of well control training and congratulations on your excellent performance.

Rovshan is currently a well-respected Well Control Instructor for KCA Deutag (Azerbaijan). He graduated from Azerbaijan State Oil Academy and began his career as a roustabout with Transocean in 2003, moving up to a position as Driller, and eventually joining KCA Deutag in 2012 as Well Control Instructor.

Rovshan has been married for 14 years and is a happy father of 3 children: 2 daughters and 1 son.  He spends his spare time gardening at his summer house where he keeps different kinds of hens and turkeys. He also owns lots of big aquariums, which he claims are fantastic for keeping day-to-day stress at bay!

Rovshan Ibrahimov

Hans Rehbock, Hans shows his support for the "Friends of ANCHOR"!

Drilling Manager, Hans, achieved a perfect score in his P&P paper in May, 2014. He very generously donated his £250 cash prize to our nominated charity, Friends of ANCHOR. His kind donation can be found on our dedicated fundraising page, with massive thanks from all the team at ADS.

Hans began his career after achieving a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at the University RWTH Aachen, Germany, in 1991. He spent 13 years in various roles worldwide in drilling and completions and in the service industry until he moved to Wintershall Holding GmbH as a Snr. Drilling Engineer. After 10 years with Wintershall in positions as Snr. Drilling Engineer and Drilling Superintendent, he was promoted to Drilling Manager in Qatar where he works now.

He has been married for 22 years and has 3 children, but always finds time to enjoy playing squash and getting out on his motorbike.

Congratulations, Hans - and on behalf of the Friends of ANCHOR, thank you for your support!

Hans Rehbock

Oliver Tomlins, Oliver races ahead!

Oliver Tomlins started his career as a trainee Driller with Shell in November 1973. He was based in the Netherlands and in Brunei after completing an HND in Mechanical Engineering and an apprenticeship with Dowty Group in Cheltenham. He then moved to BP, progressing to Company Man in 1984. Based out of Aberdeen, this role also allowed Oliver to work in Europe and Asia. Oliver has been associated with the Azerbaijan area of operations over the last 10 years. This has included the build and start-up of Shah Deniz Alpha and West Chirag platforms.

Oliver lives in Aberdeenshire with his long term partner. He has two adult sons and four grandchildren. He enjoys motor rallying and the fresh air of the countryside in Scotland.

His £250 reward was kindly donated to Aberdeen Cyrenians, a charity which aims to meet all the varying needs of people affected by homelessness in Aberdeen and the surrounding area.

Oliver Tomlins

Wallace Smith, Wallace scores a hat trick! 2002, 2004, 2014!

Wallace “Hat Trick” Smith is a Drilling Superintendent and in 2014 scored 100% in his P&P paper for the third time! He worked as a Drilling Supervisor for BP for most of his career, in various locations including Syria, Norway, Colombia and Angola. Wallace then joined Husky in China and worked as part of Exceed's Deepwater Project Management team as a Drilling Supervisor in Turkey and Indonesia, and as a Superintendent in Israel and Canada.

Wallace lives in Glasgow and has been married to Lorna for 15 years. They have 3 children, Rhona who is 9 and twins, Fraser and Lyndsey, who are 7.

With a keen passion for sport, Wallace particularly enjoys football and rugby, following Glasgow Rangers and Glasgow Warriors. He and his wife Lorna are also keen sailors. They used to own their own sailboat and spent a lot of time sailing in the Mediterranean, “until the kids came along and scuppered that!” They are hoping to get back into it now that the kids are old enough.

The £250 cash prize went towards a family trip to Dublin to watch Glasgow Warriors in the pro12 rugby final and we hope they had a great time. Congratulations again on your outstanding achievement, Wallace.

Wallace Smith

Dustin Pottmeyer, “Marathon” trip through europe is fitting reward for Dustin!

Dustin is a drilling supervisor for Marathon Oil working in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.  Previously, he worked as a drilling engineer on projects in the United States, in Colorado, Wyoming, & North Dakota after graduating with a Petroleum Engineering degree from Marietta College in 2010.  Most of his career experience is in horizontal drilling in shale plays. 

Dustin enjoys skiing in the winter, hunting, boating, & riding ATVs.  He also enjoys playing the guitar. 

He plans to spend the money during an upcoming trip through Europe.

Happy travels, Dustin!

Dustin Pottmeyer

Naveed Hasan, Family is the secret of success for Naveed!

Naveed Hasan is D&C Well Engineering Team Leader with United Energy Pakistan (UEP). He started his career in the Oil Industry in 2005 and worked as a Drilling Engineer with Pakistan Petroleum Limited till Oct 2009 when he joined BP, and worked for them as a Senior Drilling Engineer until Sept 2011. In Naveed’s current work with UEP he is responsible for the rig operations and well engineering activities of 6 drilling rigs.

The work-place is rarely far from Naveed’s thoughts:  he is keen on continuous development of his technical and managerial skills, spending much of his free time reading books and journals relating to drilling and completions as well as business strategies and management.

Naveed is happily married (to Jawaria) and they have one daughter (Alishba).  As for the £250 prize, he would like to have a celebration party with “the reason behind my success” (i.e. his wife & daughter!) and also with his parents who continue to be his “life inspirations”.

Naveed Hasan

William Palfree, William escapes the estate to conquer the P&P paper!

William is a Senior Drilling Supervisor. He started out as a mud logger and moved on to Well Testing. After moving back to mud logging briefly, he joined Santa Fe as a trainee engineer and he has been there ever since, (although after 2 takeovers the company is now known as ADTI Ltd).

William lives in Derbyshire on his miniature country estate complete with water mill, 11 acres, woodland and a trout river. He is married to Victoria and they have 3 children, 7 dogs, 5 ponies and 2 cats. “If I thought life offshore was mayhem, arriving home soon puts that into context! Most of my time is spent trying to control 3 children, 7 dogs, 5 ponies and the wife of course.” - Your words, William, not ours!

The £250 has already been spent on a cast iron chiminea for the garden. He and Victoria plan to have a quiet glass of wine sat next to it, (if the children and the dogs ever allow it). We think he’s earned it!

William Palfree

Philippe Maheo, Globe trotter Philippe’s most recent travel destination: The ADS 100 Club!

Philippe is currently OIM for Transocean on a semi-submersible in India. He started out in 1980 on a land rig in France as a Roughneck. In 1985 he progressed to Asst Driller and was transferred to West Africa offshore drilling operations for Cosifor-Techfor. He later went to Sedco-Forex and then Transocean where he spent 20 years between, Angola, Congo, Gabon, Cameron and Nigeria on Tenders, Semi-Subs and DP rigs – working his way up to an OIM position!

Philippe then transferred to Asia and Australia for a few years on different types of floating Rigs. Married with 4 Kids, his youngest daughter is only 6 years old and is “keeping him young”.  In his spare time he enjoys windsurfing, diving and gardening and he has delegated the spending of his £250 to his wife while he spends Christmas and New Year on the rig. 

Philippe Maheo

John Fraser, John Fraser unfazed by P&P challenge!

John is presently working as a consultant Decommissioning Engineer for ConocoPhillips based in Aberdeen, which he joined in January this year.

After graduating in 1984, John spent 3 years in Louisiana before returning to the UK to focus on subsea well operations. He specialised in this field for Occidental, Elf and Total until 2000, before spells with Talisman, (UK & Norway) and Hess.

John is married with 3 grown up children and his hobbies include swimming, cars and field sports.

Congratulations on your achievement, John!

John Fraser

Mark Thomas, 100% fit for the job!

Mark is a Driller for Ensco, and has been for an impressive for 19 years so far in UK waters. He lives in Lowestoft, Suffolk and is married with two children.

Mark is a Norwich City Football Club supporter and plans to spend the £250 on a bicycle to keep fit. Happy cycling, Mark!

Mark Thomas

Douglas Nunn, Doug shows 'em how it's done!

Doug is managing director of Acona UK Ltd, a well engineering company with offices in Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth. He recently achieved 100% in his Principles & Procedure paper and very generously donated his £250 prize money to the Prince's Trust.

A mechanical engineering graduate, Doug has 32 years’ experience in the offshore drilling industry having worked for Marathon Oil, Shell, Conoco and Santa Fe Drilling. Doug’s experience includes wellsite supervision, well engineering and operational management in the North Sea, Far East and Canada. In 2004 Doug started Fraser Offshore, now an Acona subsidiary.

Doug says, “Our company puts a lot of effort into training the next generation of drilling supervisors and well engineers - so it’s great to score the 100% and let these young hotshots know that age and cunning can still beat youth and enthusiasm.” Doug is married to Jill and lives near Great Yarmouth - their children Angus (23) and Lucy (21) work in London and Edinburgh respectively.

Congratulations, Doug, and welcome to the ADS 100 Club!

Douglas Nunn

Rafal Rak, Rafal racks up the points on his P&P paper!

Rafal’s drilling adventure began at the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy. After completing a master degree in drilling and geological engineering he started his professional career as a roughneck for Petrobaltic S.A. on a Jack-up based in the Baltic Sea. Rafal then worked his way up to mud engineer.

In 2011 he joined ENI Group on a 6th generation ultra drill ship, Saipem 12000, operating in Angola’s deepwater as a derrickman where is now working hard and gathering experience for further professional challenges.

Rafal is in a relationship with wonderful girl, Martha, and they are expecting their first child, a baby boy, to arrive on 1st of September 2014!

When he is not working, Rafal is passionate about radio control R/C planes. He builds and flies fighters of World War II and his favourite model is the spitfire mkIX of 303 Polish Fighter Squadron. He also enjoys travelling and outdoor pursuits such as diving in summer and skiing in winter.

For some time now, Rafal has been saving for a Muscle Car Dodge Charger 69, but plans have changed and he now plans to put the £250 towards a ride for his son.

We are extremely pleased to hear your exciting news, Rafal, and we wish you and Martha all the best of luck as new parents!

Rafal Rak

John Shields , A performance of Olympian strength in P&P!

Congratulations to John for getting 100% in his Principles & Procedures paper in 2006 and AGAIN in 2014. John is currently Senior Drilling Project Engineer for the Drilling Systems in Stena Drilling’s Mid Water Semi-Submersible Project. He has been working in the drilling industry since 1982, starting as a roustabout with Atlantic Drilling, and he joined Stena in 1999. He has worked in Brazil, Gulf of Mexico, Argentina and West Africa.

John has been married to Debbie for nearly 29 years and they have 3 daughters, Becky, Emma, and Shona. He spends much of the winter skiing, which is relatively easy to do as daughter Debbie runs a hotel in a ski resort. This season, instead of going skiing himself, John went to the Winter Olympics to support a friend’s son in the Ski Halfpipe. Cycling is his summer pastime and this year John will be cycling 300 miles from London to Paris over 3 days! The £250 will go towards.

John Shields

Catherine De Martino, Trail blazer Catherine leads the way!

Catherine has been working in the oil industry for 18 years, having left her native Australia in 1996 to join Shell in The Netherlands. Since then, she has worked for a range of companies and in a variety of locations, including Lowestoft, Aberdeen, Houston and Ho Chi Minh City. She currently calls Aberdeen home. After spending the early years of her career in process engineering and field development work, Catherine moved into drilling in 2006, initially working offshore for Talisman as a Night Drilling Engineer. Since then, she has worked as Night Drilling Supervisor for EnQuest and moved to BP in 2013. Since joining BP, she has worked deepwater Brazil and is presently transferring to deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

In her time off, Catherine enjoys relaxing at home, working out and travelling to catch up with family and friends. The prize money will be spent on retail therapy on an upcoming business trip to Houston – quite possibly before she even manages to board the plane in Heathrow!

Catherine De Martino

Alexandre Bouvet, Congratulations Alexandre!

Alexandre Bouvet, a recent £250 winner for achieving the perfect 100% in his IWCF Principles & Procedures exam at ADS, is currently working as a drilling engineer for TOTAL E&P Russia, in Moscow. Although he is based in Moscow, operations are an oil field located 25 miles north of the arctic circle where, according to Alexandre, you can see the northern lights if you’re lucky, and freeze when the temperature reaches -58deg F if you’re not!

He started his career in 2005, working for TOTAL E&P UK, in Aberdeen. He subsequently moved to Yemen, working as a drilling supervisor, followed by Congo (also as drilling supervisor) and came back to the UK (Aberdeen) for two additional years as a drilling engineer. Alexandre has been in Moscow since 2010, but regards it as “always a pleasure to go back to Aberdeen” as he did when he attended the IWCF Well Control course at ADS.

Alexandre is French, 30 years old and “not married yet”. Away from the drilling scene, he enjoys sports (ran a marathon in Milan, and practices kite-surfing), going to concerts & operas (“which is quite easy in Moscow”), discovering new places, and dancing the tango. As for the £250 he received from ADS – this should fund some trips to Moscow’s famous Bolshoi theatre which recently reopened.

Alexandre Bouvet

Mark Batten, Congratulations Mark!

Mark’s career started with BP in 2008, on the Challenge programme, working at Wytch Farm as a wellsite drilling engineer. He moved to the Angola team, working as a development drilling engineer for PSVM and Greater Plutonio projects and is now working with the Angola exploration team from Sunbury. When Mark isn’t working, he spends time outdoors taking part in activities such as camping and canoeing. Mark has a five year old son, Leo with his wife Hannah. The prize money will be spent on a lovely meal with his wife and unfortunately, renewing his car insurance.

Mark Batten

Adam Koncz, Adam Koncz ploughs through his P&P paper to achieve 100%!

Adam graduated in Electrical Engineering in 2010 and as an Oil Engineer (MSc) in 2012. He began his career as a roughneck for Rotary Drilling Ltd in Hungary, working in parallel with his university studies. Adam soon became a Safety Engineer and then a Rig manager, responsible for a workover land rig. 2 years later he had the opportunity to undertake further studies at the University of Miskolc and he is now nearing the completion of his PhD! He plans to venture into the offshore drilling industry next.

Adam dreams of one day owning a farm, and he hopes to spend the £250 cash prize on a plough!

We wish you all the best of luck, Adam!

Adam Koncz

Dominic Hayes, Dominic Hayes nae bother with his Principles & Procedures!

Dominic is a Senior Well Engineer who achieved 100% in his P&P paper in September 2014. He joined the industry just under 20 years ago, working initially with various service companies in Drilling & Evaluation in Western Europe and Africa. He then moved to a major Operator and has undertaken assignments both for the Operator and as a secondee to Joint Venture companies in Western Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and most recently, Eastern Europe.

In his own words, Dominic is married to “a wonderful and supportive wife, Sarah” and he has two step-daughters, Emily and Fiona, who are just starting out with their own careers. They have three dogs, a cat and several horses in the family!

He has a keen interest in cars and in his old Land Rover 110 especially. Dominic enjoys getting out in countryside with the dogs and when the weather’s dreich he loves to stay home and play the guitar. When he has the time, he also maintains and restores old guitar amplifiers. In addition, he is a volunteer with the Gordon Group (Grampian North) Riding for the Disabled Association which is a local charity that uses horses and ponies to provide therapy, achievement and enjoyment for people with disabilities.

Dominic plans to put his £250 reward towards a short break in Edinburgh with his wife. We hope you have wonderful time!

Dominic Hayes

Stuart Greaney, Stuart crosses the finish line in style!

Stuart is currently a Senior Drilling Engineer at Tullow Oil and he recently scored 100% in his Principles & Procedures paper. He graduated from Birmingham University with a masters in Mechanical Engineering in 2001, and after a brief venture into the world of Management Consultancy, he joined the Shell Well Engineering Graduate Scheme in 2005. He worked as an Offshore Drilling Engineer, Lifecycle Well Engineer, and a Night Company Man prior to leaving in 2012 to join Maersk Denmark as a Drilling Supervisor. He then joined Tullow in London in 2013 as a Senior Drilling Engineer, and he is presently working on one of Tullow’s South American projects.

Stuart has been married for 4 years, and is the proud father of 2 young children and 2 Labradors! He claims to be a keen participant and follower of any sport, but he has a particular passion for Harlequins Rugby and is a lifelong West Ham fan. He is presently training for the New York marathon in November and he has completed several running, and cycling events over the last couple of years.

He recently discovered a new role as swimming coach to his kids and hopes one day to take on the role of skiing coach too. Stuart and his wife are keen walkers, though he explains that “the arrival of kids has somewhat limited the pace we travel at these days” - which doesn’t sound like a bad thing to us!

The £250 reward will be going towards more goggles and floats for his swim coaching, plenty of plasters for the marathon and several post-marathon physiotherapy sessions no doubt! 

Good luck, Stuart!

Stuart Greaney

Andrew Parkinson, A perfect performance from Parkinson!

Andrew is currently working with Shell on the Brent field as Well Operations Manager. He started in the industry over 25 years ago and has worked on land rigs in The Netherlands, Oman, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, and the UAE. Over the years he’s noticed a few changes to his lifestyle, from “pushing pipe to pushing a desk” and moving from bachelor status to being married with two boys. Having never worked in the UK before, he arrived in Aberdeen two years ago and is still trying to adjust to both the climate and the culture!

Andrew is said to have spent a career advocating the importance of attention to detail when it comes to operational and safety performances – and it’s clear to us that he practices what he preaches with this fantastic P&P result. Congratulations, Andrew!

Andrew Parkinson

Radi El-sayed, Radical results for Radi!

Radi is currently working with GDF SUEZ E & P UK Limited as a Senior Drilling Engineer for the Cygnus field development looking after the design and planning for the Cygnus Bravo Platform wells.

He has been married since 2007 and is the proud father of three beautiful girls. He and his family used to live in Cairo and are now living in Aberdeen.  Radi tells us that “it has been a hectic ride at times with the three youngsters, but above all really great fun, and it has been amazing to watch them grow these past years”. They have adapted well to their new life in Aberdeen and we are enjoying the outdoors and Scottish scenery to the fullest.

When it comes to spending his prize money, Radi plans to buy gifts for his wife and daughters, and invite a work colleague to a celebratory lunch.

Congratulations, Radi!

Radi El-sayed

Stan Stuart, It’s a hat-trick for Stan! Completed in 2012, 2014, & 2016

Stan (pictured here in his ‘working togs’) started in the offshore industry in 1989 with MSR on the semi-submersible rig called the Aladdin. The rig was bought over by Lauritzen where he continued to work until 1992, working alongside two other 100 club members (Walter Allan & Steven Brown). From there he moved to Santa Fe which then became Global Santa Fe and then merged again to become Transocean. It was during this time that he progressed through the ranks to finally secure a position of Senior Toolpusher aboard the GSF Monarch in 2005. This is where he stayed until an opportunity to join ADTI as a Drilling Supervisor in 2011, a position he held until the company decided to cease trading in 2015. From there Stan has been contracted to Apache supervising their operations on the Rowan Gorilla 7, Ocean Patriot, and the Forties Bravo and Charlie Platforms.

Stan plays darts for a local team (though he admits that it is the social side of the sport that appeals to him). He lives in Elgin with his wife Karen and his two children Ryan (21) and Leah (17).

This is in fact the third consecutive time that Stan has achieved 100% in his P&P at ADS! In 2012 he donated his award to Moray Friends of Archie, a charity which supports sick children and their families throughout the North East of Scotland. This time it is going on a well-deserved big bottle of champagne to celebrate the hat-trick! 

‘Here’s to another crack at it in couple of years!’ - Stan

Stan Stuart

Philippe Millot, Philippe the Victorious!

Philippe is currently working as a Senior Drilling Supervisor. He achieved 100% in his Principles and Procedures exam in December, 2014. He is our final 100 club member of 2014 and he receives his £250 prize money just in time for the New Year!

He started out in the oil & gas industry in 1978 with Elf/Total, and has been consulting since 2001. Philippe is married with and two children (a boy of 13 and a girl of 16). In his spare time, he enjoys sailing, skiing, and takes a keen interest in cars.

Congratulations, Philippe! We hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

Philippe Millot

David Lim, David leads the way!

In 2014 David Lim was the first person to achieve 100% on the IWCF Principles & Procedures paper at our new training centre in Kuala Lumpur (which opened in August, 2014). We're now extremely pleased to announce that he has done for a 2nd time running in late-2016!! A remarkable achievement. 

David is presently working as a Drilling Supervisor back home in Malaysia (offshore Sabah) on board a semi-assist tender rig on the Malikai development project. This is Malaysia’s very first Tension Leg Platform (TLP). It is also his very first experience working on a TLP and he’s proud to say that the team very recently achieved first oil in December 2016. What a great way to end the year in what has been a challenging 2016.

He is working with Shell and has a total of 14 years of experience, having worked in various parts of the world in Asia, Middle East and North Africa. David’s work has taken him to many faraway places, working with people from all walks of life in all manner of environments: 
“It has been a great experience and I wouldn’t swap it for anything else. Looking forward for more of the same in the coming years.”

David recently got married and as both he and his new wife are very much into travelling, they are currently planning a trip to the USA. He also enjoys running and hopes to take the leap and complete a half-marathon in 2017. 

“No prizes for guessing where the prize money will be going – to the vacation fund!”

Best of luck, David, and safe travels!

David Lim

Raj Tripathi, Instructor Raj becomes top student for a week!

Raj is an Oil & Gas Instructor with 25 years of field experience and 7 years of teaching and facilitating experience. In a week of role reversal, he became an ADS student and gained top marks in his IWCF Principles & Procedure examination.

He has been married for 27 years “to the same lovely woman” and has two children. His 25-year old son is following in his father’s footsteps in Oil & Gas and is working as a Drilling Engineer while his 22-year old daughter is a journalist for a TV news channel in India. In his free time, Raj enjoys golf and collects old coins.

He graciously intends to give his £250 prize money to a charity which provides education to bright underprivileged children. 

We hope to see you again soon, Raj!

Raj Tripathi

Robert Chadwick, Riding waves of success!

Robert is a Consultant Drilling Supervisor currently working with Dea UK in the Southern North Sea. He joined the industry in 1980 and progressed from Roustabout to Senior Tool Pusher with Noble Drilling, joined The Red Baron as a fishing tool supervisor and spent time in Oman as country manager before moving to Dubai as senior regional manager looking after the Middle East, India and Pakistan. Robert later “broke free” and went back to his roots as a DSV working in Ukraine, Pakistan and most recently the UK.

He has been happily married to Catriona for over 32 years and his children have all grown up, flown the nest and, most importantly, are standing on their own feet now.

Robert loves kite surfing but admits that he prefers it when the water is warm and he can sport a rash top and board shorts. He is in the UK now, where warm water is hard to come by, so he plans to spend his prize money on a nice thick wet suit! He also loves to play golf and ride his motor cycle.

Robert Chadwick

Hogni Hansen , Hogni rises to the challenge & builds for the future!

Hogni is a Freelance Drilling Superintendent and Drilling Engineer.  He started with Maersk Oil in 1993, drilling and completing long horizontal wells before he moved over to freelance work in 1996. Hogni has been working offshore as a Drilling Supervisor, then onshore as a Drilling Engineer, Drilling Superintendent and Drilling Manager.  He has worked in the North Sea, Asia and the Middle East, mainly with jackups and in deepwater concentrating on technically challenging projects.

Hogni is married with five children and is currently farming sheep and building a new house. He tells us that the £250 prize money will be going towards the new build.

We wish you the best of luck in your new home, Hogni!

Hogni Hansen

Thomas McIntyre, Thomas takes the P&P paper in his stride!

Thomas is currently a Night Drilling Supervisor for Nexen after starting out as a Graduate Drilling Engineer in 2011. All of his work has been in the UK North Sea so far. He is originally from Australia but has lived in Scotland for 7 years and now shares a flat in Edinburgh with 3 mates and a dog.

Thomas enjoys cycling, hiking and travelling, and he plans to spend his £250 prize money on dinner with his family. We hope you enjoy your evening, Thomas. Well done from all of us ADS!

Thomas McIntyre

George Cooper, George’s above par performance in P&P!

George is currently working as the Well Engineering Competence Development Trainer for Shell in Iraq. He has spent 34 years in the industry with a background in Well Services and Drilling Operations. Although currently based in Iraq, he has worked in the North Sea, Oman, South Korea, Sakhalin, and Kazakhstan. 

George and his wife Christine have two boys, James and David and he enjoys spending time with the whole family in their house in the Algarve. He also tells us that he recently joined the local golf club in Portugal, so perhaps his £250 will go towards a new driver!

George Cooper

Stephen Sutherland, Stephen has it sussed!

Stephen has worked offshore since 1995, working as part of a drill crew for 7 years and completing his HNC in electronic engineering in between. He spent 6 years as a VSAT engineer and returned to drilling in 2010.

Stephen spends most of his time doing DIY and keeping fit. He's married with a son aged 18 and daughter aged 9 and he plans to spend his £250 prize money on his lovely family.

Congratulations, Stephen!

Stephen Sutherland

Callum Macandrew, Callum nailed it – getting 100% in P&P paper!

Callum joined Applied Drilling Technology International (ADTI) in 2007 after obtaining his MEng Mechanical Engineering degree. He completed the ADTI graduate development programme and progressed to Senior Drilling Engineer.

Outside of work he is a big Aberdeen Football Club supporter, following the team home and away. Having recently purchased a new house, his £250 cash prize has already been spent down at the local DIY store!

Callum Macandrew

Fraser Smith, Fraser blows P&P paper out of the water with a perfect score!

Fraser is currently a Well Engineer working with the Subsea Design Team and the Drilling Efficiency & Optimisation Team. He started his career with Shell just under 3 years ago as a Wellsite Drilling Engineer when, apparently, he was “thrown onto a rig in the Central North Sea without much idea what was going on"!  Before moving to his current onshore position, Fraser gained offshore experience working on the Nelson and Brent Delta platforms which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Unmarried and without children, Fraser claims to be “footloose and free to travel and see the world with his girlfriend, Giulia". He enjoys playing football, mountain biking and windsurfing, although the latter he tells us is reserved for warm weather conditions far away from the cold North Sea. Having just bought a flat, Fraser is looking forward to using the £250 to help furnish his new place.

Welcome to the ADS 100 Club, Fraser, and thank you for the selfie!

Fraser Smith

Muhammad Tashfeen, Muhammad Tashfeen secures a blockbuster P&P score!

Muhammad is currently working as a Chief Drilling Engineer.  With eleven years of experience, Muhammad has worked in drilling engineering and supervision with MOL, OMV and Schlumberger in Pakistan and the Middle East. 

When not at work, Muhammad enjoys relaxing with a good movie.  He is married and is blessed with a daughter, and he plans to use his cash prize to treat his friends and family to a nice dinner.

Congratulations, Muhammad!

Muhammad Tashfeen

Sandor Vereb , Sandor rides to victory!

Sandor is currently working as a Drilling Superintendent with MOL Pakistan but he has enjoyed a long and varied career in the oil field. He started his career in 1977 with the Hungarian drilling company Kőolajkutató Vállalat.  While in employment Sandor continued studying, gaining his Drilling Technician Diploma in 1982, after which he moved into a Tool Pusher role. In 1991 he took part in the Al-Awda project to extinguish the oil well fires in Kuwait. In 1992 he joined the Deutag Syria branch. It was almost a decade later in 2001 when Sandor joined MOL as a Drilling Supervisor based in Hungary. He then moved to MOL Pakistan in 2004 as a Senior Drilling Engineer and he took on his current role as Drilling Superintendent in 2013.

Sandor is married with two children and one granddaughter.  Outside of work Sandor enjoys active pursuits of cycling, hiking and skiing and he plans to use his cash prize to upgrade is bicycle.

Congratulations, Sandor!

Sandor Vereb

Hammad Zafar, Hammad sets a perfect example!

Hammad is currently working as a senior night drilling supervisor for MOL Pakistan. He first embarked on his career in Oil & Gas in 2008 with "Pakistan Petroleum Limited" as an assistant drilling engineer. He then joined Schlumberger IPM in 2013 and worked in Oman and Saudia Arabia for 2 years as a well site drilling engineer until he began working for MOL Pakistan.

In his free time, Hammad enjoys watching movies, swimming, and attending family gatherings. Hammad tells us that he is happily married to Adan Malik and he has a young son called Muhammad Rayyan. Muhhamad was born in the autumn of 2015 and is very, very loved! 

The cash prize will be used to treat Hammad’s family and friends so that they can celebrate his success together. Congratulations, Hammad. We wish you and your wonderful family all the best for the future!

Hammad Zafar