Rig-Site Coaching & Mentoring

Rig-site crew training, coaching and mentoring focuses on optimising the performance of drill crews and ensuring that agreed procedures are followed, particularly in the case of challenging environments such as High Pressure/High Temperature (HPHT) or where there are high NPT costs associated with stuck pipe incidents.

Experienced and dedicated instructors can deliver class-based training with follow-up rig-site visits to ensure that the classroom knowledge is transferred to practical implementation.

On-the-Rig (OTR) training provides coaching and mentoring to the rig-based drilling team including drilling engineers, supervisors and drill crew personnel. The coaches tailor the training to the particular needs of the well being drilled. The aim of OTR training is to improve overall drilling performance and enhance the understanding of the drill crew in particular aspects of the current drilling operation. As such OTR training is flexible and dependent on the client’s particular needs. 

The Rig-Site Coaching & Training raises awareness of:
• What to expect
• What to look out for
• What to do

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"Instructor's way of teaching very beneficial. All aspects well covered and simulator exercises very good. I really do not think it can be improved. Definitely the best IWCF course I have attended." - Drilling Well Control course

Rig Manager,
Sapura Kencana Drilling

"I now have a better understanding and appreciation of the drilling process and terminology" - Basic Drilling Awareness course

Senior JV Rep,
Total E&P

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