Advanced Well Engineering for TAQA-Kurdistan

Aberdeen Drilling School welcomed a delegation of Drilling Engineers from TAQA Kurdistan summer 2017 for an intensive 3-week well engineering course. 

The TAQA engineers travelled halfway across the world to attend a bespoke course delivering Casing Design modules, followed by Advanced Well Engineering training. During this 3-week event, the delegates attended lectures, utilised one of Aberdeen Drilling School’s DS-5000 full-size rig-floor simulators, and finally presented their well plans as part of an interactive presentation to a panel made up of Aberdeen Drilling School's technical department members. 

As well as learning, the delegates were also able to experience the beauty of Scotland first hand, by taking trips to Glasgow, Edinburgh, and local Aberdeenshire. This course enabled unique interaction between engineers from varied backgrounds and cultures and the Aberdeen Drilling School HQ in Scotland served as the perfect base to do this. 

We now look forward to further engagement with not only TAQA-Kurdistan, but other Operators currently drilling, or planning to drill, in this remote region of the world.

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"I now have a better understanding and appreciation of the drilling process and terminology" - Basic Drilling Awareness course

Senior JV Rep,
Total E&P

"Instructor's way of teaching very beneficial. All aspects well covered and simulator exercises very good. I really do not think it can be improved. Definitely the best IWCF course I have attended." - Drilling Well Control course

Rig Manager,
Sapura Kencana Drilling

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