We are pleased to announce that from the 1st of June 2023 Graeme Eglintine and Petru Cioban from IAS International have joined a new Aberdeen Drilling School (ADS) team based out of Dubai, UAE.  Aberdeen Drilling International (ADI) led by Graeme will focus on delivering  personnel development, competence and talent management and highly effective operational and technical training services for the fastest growing drilling market in the world. With rig counts on the rise across the middle east, so is demand for highly trained and highly competent personnel at all levels – which is where Graeme and Petru come in.

Combined, these two highly respected individuals bring over half a century of drilling industry experience with them, plus their proven competence, development, and workforce planning expertise which will strengthen our drilling and well services portfolio, enhancing our ability to serve our growing Middle East and North African client base. By 2024, we plan to grow the team and reach new markets in order to further empower our clients to deliver safer and more efficient operations on a global scale.

Building on our existing Workforce Development and Role-Specific Progression Programs, which have successfully trained over 2,000 drilling personnel since 2014, Graeme and Petru will further strengthen our workforce development and technical training portfolio by implementing;

  • Workforce planning and advisory services
  • Operational readiness assessments
  • Rig reactivation support services
  • New hire assessments
  • Workforce development and succession programs
  • Competence and compliance advisory services
  • Operations and technical training

At IAS International, the team worked closely with drilling contractors and operators to design, develop, and implement robust Competency Management Systems (CMS), and were even commissioned by the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) to conduct a research project on the best practices, lessons learned, and the value metrics of a CMS. Full report available here.

The research findings indicated that organisations which have implemented a CMS experience fewer safety incidents, improved operational efficiencies and lower employee attrition rates. The research data also found that a CMS is most effective when aligned to the business strategy and utilised within existing HR systems. This customer centric and big picture approach to competency assessment and competency management is where Graeme and Petru excel, with an impressive track record of successful delivered projects.

“We’ve always believed that operational excellence can only be achieved through having a competent workforce and that means organizations need to have effective training development and competency management systems in place. We are delighted to be joining Aberdeen Drilling School as they share the same philosophy, passion and commitment to creating and maintaining a safe, competent and technically aware workforce in our high risk industry.  I’m really excited about the new teams capability and the unrivalled service offering which we can now provide to our clients across the region.” Graeme Eglintine, Regional Director, Aberdeen Drilling International (ADI), MENA.

When speaking on the subject of Graeme and Petru setting up in Dubai, Jason Grant, Managing Director of Aberdeen Drilling School said;

“We are an industry-led technical training company, and our clients have long highlighted the gap that exists between compliance and competency.  Graeme and Petru live and breathe this field, and their passion and dedication to improving individual and collective competence align perfectly with our core values at Aberdeen Drilling School.  Our passion is in helping our customers protect their people, assets and the environment and we have long-recognised that a highly competent workforce is key to achieving this. The team and I are excited to see the positive impact that our combined efforts will have across drilling, well services and lifting operations worldwide.”