Bespoke training is the ideal opportunity to enhance an existing programme in order to meet – or exceed – your specific training objectives.

We pride ourselves on the flexibility and agility to work with our clients to develop and deliver relevant and impactful training solutions for their teams.

Our training programmes can be delivered at the client’s location and customised to suit specific requirements. This might be in terms of people development or addressing real-life operational challenges. Clients who come to us for bespoke training know that our critical first step is always to listen, and to find out what the pertinent issues are. We can then ultimately deliver a team-based training event that reflects and addresses the client’s well-specific challenges.

Our experience over 40+ years has taught us that it’s much more effective to create training programmes that go beyond the one-off, generic training course, and produce a more tailored training solution that aligns with your specific objectives and challenges.

Incorporate your company policies and procedures

We can integrate your company policies on key topics into your training programme. Our instructors are knowledgeable and adaptable with years of field experience. We appreciate the importance of communicating vital procedures to ensure safe operations, and we know these procedures only work when they are understood by all involved and followed correctly.


Incorporate your well data

To include your well data in a bespoke training solution is to add realism and relevance. This is especially effective when utilising our high fidelity simulation suite and running scenarios for HPHT, Deepwater, or MPD operations. Our simulators can replicate your installation, mirror your well data, and replicate the exact downhole environment that your team will be faced with.

Incorporate your case studies

Maximise engagement and see the benefits of true relevance with a training programme or workshop based around your case studies.  Time and time again we have seen first-hand how effective a case-study driven workshop can generate lively discussion and valuable knowledge sharing.