With our simulation solutions, you can simulate and optimise your drilling operations – improving safety, operational efficiency, and reducing costs.

World Leading Drilling Simulator Solutions

Our state-of-the art simulator systems are used to practice complex operations in a safe and controlled training environment, bringing real-life operational scenarios into your training programme.

– Reduce operational risk by testing procedures and identifying potential issues in a safe environment prior to complex operations, such as MPD and AI well monitoring.

– Increase competence levels and minimise the risk of human error in critical situations by training in a safe and controlled environment.

– Reduce non-productive time and substantially improve operational safety and efficiency by refining complex operational procedures before putting them into practice in the real world.

Our Capabilities

Our full-sized simulator models, ADS3-Drill and ADS4-Drill, deliver unique functionality for drilling training with an innovative and realistic, dynamic drilling simulation experience.

We have 5 service levels of simulation available to our clients:

Level 1 – Providing a common simulator control system and subsurface application from our training library.

Level 2 – Creating a replica of the client’s drilling rig.

Level 3 – Creating a precise simulated subsurface analogue for the client’s well application.

Level 4 – Creating a digital twin of the client’s drilling rig and well operation.

Level 5 – Linking the live data stream to our simulator from the client’s well site, which allows us to capture lessons learned and simulate the forecasted future operations.

Our simulators are located in multiple training centres across Europe, USA, the Middle East and Asia. These fixed facilities are equipped with our full-size simulators, offering delegates the opportunity to train with the best solution on the market.

Our portable drilling simulators, ADS1-Drill and ADS2-Drill, allow our clients to train their crews on-site.

You’ll find a sample of our bespoke simulation training solutions below, each one available as a downloadable case study.