Professional consultancy throughout the well lifecycle

Our Consultancy Team has world-leading experience across all aspects of well control, pressure control, managed pressure operations,  extended reach drilling, and high-pressure-high-temperature (HPHT) wells. Throughout the lifecycle of a well (from drilling through to well interventions  and ultimately plug and abandonment, we can help you ensure that all personnel, supervisors and managers have access to and maintain the appropriate level of regulatory, technical, and operational knowledge central to running safe and efficient drilling operations.

Working in partnership with your operations teams and office support departments, we can conduct baseline audits of your corporate, operational and regulatory documentation as well as your competency management systems to ensure they meet the very highest standards.  In addition, we are trusted to provide independent advice and arbitration when operational or performance issues arise during operations.


Why you can trust our consultancy services

Our Consultancy Services are offered right across the life cycle of well operations. In every case, the expertise of our Consultancy Team can be tailored to address long-standing challenges or campaign-specific issues within your operations. We will discuss your requirements and then propose a scope of work to meet your needs. We can focus on one aspect of the lifecycle or on a combination of activities across the lifecycle. And, ultimately we will propose and, where appropriate, deliver solutions to enhance your operations.

Our high-risk consultancy services team has the combination of expertise and experience to ensure that the services we offer can be customised to meet your exact requirements. Operating worldwide, our team can provide professional advice where you need and when you need it. We also support our recommendations with access to the best coaching and specialist training in all operational aspects.

Competency assessments

We complete drill crew competency assessments across all different types of operations, from crewing up new teams through to assessing crew and supervisor competency on complex drilling, workover or well servicing operations. Crew competency assessments can be undertaken on-site with one of our consultants covering drills, interviews and assessments with the use of mobile simulators; or crew competency can be assessed onshore prior to operations commencing. Pre-hire and new-hire assessments are also available and supported by our technical team members who administer and review our online role-specific questionnaires, conduct CV checks and interviews, and/or assess a candidate’s knowledge and skills on our state-of-the-art simulators.

Operational support

With a proven track record in successfully delivering effective operational support solutions to our global network of clients, we believe we are uniquely positioned to understand your challenges and provide the most effective solutions in your pursuit of operational excellence. The operational support services we offer include but are not limited to Operational Readiness Assessments, Rig Activation Planning, and Performance Coaching.

Review, audit and gap analysis of your company’s managed documentation

For many clients, we play an integral part in helping develop and maintain a wide range of operational and regulatory drilling documentation including Well Control Manuals, HPHT Operations Manuals, and bridging documentation.  We regularly undertake audits of clients’ existing drilling documentation including gap analysis reporting and cross-referencing exercises to ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices.

Competency management

We support our clients’ competency assurance needs worldwide. Our Consultancy Team can work with you to fully develop and implement a bespoke competency management system, highlighting individual roles and responsibilities, decision paths, communication and resource management strategies. When required, a full training matrix can be put in place to supplement your own CMS.  Our coaches and competency assessors can support the implementation and roll-out of your competency assurance programs across your company locations.

Independent advice and arbitration services

When things don’t go to plan during operations, our independent advice  and incident investigation services can help you establish what happened and why it happened. Our expert Consultancy Team has the operational experience and simulation capabilities to recreate operational problems and incidents in order to aid understanding and facilitate root cause analysis for each and every well scenario problem – delivering swift, robust and reliable conclusions.

We will independently review all operational records, conduct interviews with rig-site personnel, review the incident in simulated real-time using wellsite data, and make informed decisions  to facilitate arbitration between the parties involved.

Technical authoring

We can provide technical authoring expertise to create new documentation or to write (or even rewrite) specific documentation to meet new regulatory requirements or industry standards.  We have successfully completed technical authoring projects for major international clients including corporate drilling policies and operational procedural technical documentation.

Compatibility audits

With many decades of experience in rig-site operations, in supervisory and managerial roles, each member of our Consultancy Team is highly skilled in performing comprehensive rig equipment audits, against defined criteria and specifications, to ensure the compatibility of the hardware that is to be used with the operational requirements as well as local and national regulations.