Client: IOC

Location: MENA region

Challenge: A significant increase in operational Non-Productive Time (NPT) as a result of a series of incidents during drilling operations.

Solution: An independent investigation by subject matter experts (SMEs) to decide if these multiple incidents were related using a root cause analysis for each NPT.  The independent SMEs were required to immediately issue an interim report to recommend immediate corrective actions to allow operations to restart safely and efficiently. The SMEs were then to issue a detailed final report outlining preventative measures, capturing lessons learned and recommending training interventions to raise crew competence levels across the IOC’s well operations.


Recent investigations conducted by our SMEs after a decrease in operational efficiency and a noticeable increase in the total recordable incident rates showed that technical competency, lack of wellsite experience & leadership, poor procedural discipline and human errors are now the main cause of NPT in MENA. This is such a concern for operators that they are now asking independent SMEs, such as ADI, to investigate the root causes of these incidents and recommend remedial actions in order to return to the highest levels of safety and efficiency in their wellsite operations.

Since 2020, Aberdeen Drilling International (ADI) has conducted many NPT-incident investigations in MENA. In each investigation, the operator had about the competence of the personnel involved in the operation with the average incident causing 5 days of NPT for the rig’s contractors. Further these investigations and remediation projects in MENA have highlighted the operator’s financial burden for each incident as ranging from $250,000-$1,000,000USD (excluding equipment, remediation and reputation costs).


Our Investigation Team reviewed all offset records, TRIRs, PTWs etc,  conducted interviews with rig-site personnel, and issued both interim and detailed final reports delivering swift, robust and reliable conclusions and recommendations which allowed rigsite operations to restart in-line with the highest expected levels  of safety and efficiency. Investigations conclude with RCA presentations to the operator’s and their partners often involving detailed discussions of the recommendations and remediation efforts required to assure wellsite competence, procedural discipline and effective leadership.


With final reports submitted and corrective actions taken, all ADI clients are taking steps towards a more proactive approach in preventing NPT using robust competence management and personnel coaching. The ADI MENA team has a proven track record in providing the solutions to help prevent these NPT incidents.  ADI can support your operations with an independent assessment of personnel competency, identification of skill gaps and implement training and coaching solutions to improve safety and performance level.

“The rapid expansion of land rig fleets throughout MENA, combined with a finite number of competent & experienced personnel and coupled with increased competition from higher paying NOC operators are having a negative effect on wellsite competence. This is  allows human error, and the root cause of increasing incidents and NPT regionally.” – Regional Managing Director, ADI