Client: Multinational Operator

Location: Dorset, UK

Challenge: Our client was informed by HSE that Well Integrity training was required for their mature UK operating assets.

Solution: Working with the client, we built an engaging and interactive Well Integrity course specific & relevant to their assets.


The client had a large number of operations offshore in the Southern North Sea and onshore in Southern England. Due to travel restrictions at the time, the client was not able to send their delegates to Aberdeen, so an Aberdeen Drilling School instructor went to client’s onshore base to deliver the course.

The HSE were strongly encouraging Operators to focus on Well Integrity training due to a number of well integrity problems in the UK sector recently. This meant the client operator had a large group of engineers to be trained in the client’s asset-specific Well Integrity processes and procedures.


Utilising our in-house Well Engineering team, along with our tried and tested ‘Well Integrity Workshop’ as a foundation, we modified the programme to include well integrity monitoring procedures and intervention processes relevant to the client’s operations. Working with the client’s Head of Well Engineering we developed the course to conform with international standards and industry best practises for well integrity, focussing on their operational experiences onshore and offshore in the UK by incorporating each asset’s Well Integrity Management System (WIMS).  In addition we used WIMS data to create integrated well-specific case studies and table-top exercises into the training programme, enhancing the relevance and learning experience for the attendees.


Aberdeen Drilling School is now the client’s preferred Well Integrity training provider. Developing and delivering this training has strengthened our relationship with the client’s Engineering team. We are also looking into ways to further support our client with training and consultancy services, such as gap analysis reporting and technical authoring of Well Integrity Manuals.

“Very good course, full of real world case studies”Rig Engineer

“[The instructor was] very good at explaining what relevant codes we have to conform to. very effective three days”Well Service Operator