Client: A leading private integrated energy company.

Location: South America

Challenge: To maximise the efficiency of our client’s drilling operations.

Solution: Development of customised Training and Competence Assessment Programs to be delivered across operations to ensure significant improvements in the rig operations’ efficiency and performance.


The Aberdeen Drilling International (formerly IAS International) team was engaged by our client and their Energy Learning Centre (ELC) team in Argentina, to provide a combination of new integrated training, development, and competence programs using simulation technology to maximise the efficiency of their drilling operations.


A detailed analysis was completed on the Drilling operational performance and the findings were then incorporated into Training and Competence Assessment Programs which utilised simulation-based training to make real and quantifiable improvements in their rig operations’ efficiency and performance.


At the time of writing, our client’s team has reportedly delivered over 80 training courses, and developed over 84 new operational best practices, utilising the skills and techniques taught by the Aberdeen Drilling International SMEs, and prevented over 15 rig failures and NPT incidents.


“In creating our new training programs with the help of the [Aberdeen Drilling International] team, we have been able to create an iterative process of continuous learning across the organisation which will markedly improve standards and build a strong safety culture.” Upstream Quality Operations Executive Manager