Client: Oil & Gas Operating Company / Energy Technology Company with Global Reach

Location: Middle East Region

Challenge: The operator required 3rd party competency assessment for drilling supervisors

Solution: Aberdeen Drilling School helped the client determine competency assessment criteria, then mobilized qualified competency assessors to perform the assessments on location for a fleet of drilling rigs.


A regional oil & gas operator in the Middle East sought a solution for rigorously demonstrating the competency of their drilling supervisors.  Following solicitation for proposals, Aberdeen Drilling International was selected to provide this service.

Considerations for the operator included third party independent analysis, global reach of the service provider, skill, experience, and knowledge level of the assessors, compliance with industry and internal standards, and ability to align the process with training goals.


Aberdeen Drilling International deployed assessors to perform competency assessment for drilling supervisors on a large fleet of drilling rigs.  Assessment and certification standards considered were IADC, Oil & Gas UK Guidance on Drilling and Wells Competence, operator internal guidance, and Aberdeen Drilling International guidance. Following selection by the operator of their desired standard, our assessors were mobilized.


Through a combination of observations, questions, evidence presented, and simulations, the assessments were completed.  Interim and detailed final reports were prepared and reviewed with the operator.  The final report identified gaps in the drilling supervisors’ skill sets. A comprehensive data analysis with graphics was presented to determine trends. The results were used to recommend a detailed and highly directed training program for individual DSVs and groups of DSVs to bring them up to the client’s desired competency level.  The client benefitted by identifying the specific training needs for each individual drilling supervisor rather than choosing “one size fits all” training for all personnel.