Client: UKCS Operator

Location: UK Continental Shelf

Challenge: To enhance the learning experience and maximise knowledge retention for a complex HPHT exploration well.

Solution : We combined various training courses and delivery methods into a coherent training package to provide a comprehensive solution.



Initial discussion with the customer identified the need for HPHT operations training for rig crew, service providers and operator personnel. In addition to the complexity of drilling an HPHT exploration well, the operator’s well programme included the use of Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD), continuous circulation equipment (e-cd™) and a much-reduced well profile.


We delivered bespoke classroom training that referenced the specifics of the well operation and the equipment being used.   Prior to the classroom training, we reviewed all relevant documentation and consulted with the equipment suppliers to ensure familiarity with the well programme. Combining the rig and well knowledge obtained from this pre-work, we developed a series of tailored classroom courses and rig-floor simulator exercises. These were then successful delivered to the relevant personnel – and incorporated interactive case studies and group exercises that were aimed at providing a better understanding of the well objectives.   Once the classroom training was completed, an extensive action list was compiled to form the basis of two subsequent DWOP sessions onboard the rig prior to its departure from the dock. We also followed up with operational coaching offshore supplemented by the deployment of a portable drilling simulator to reinforce the learnings from the classroom and the shore-based simulator room.


All local issues that had been identified in the project plan were successfully addressed before execution of the well. The combination of the bespoke classroom and simulator teaching methods ensured that all course participants remained engaged with the project. In addition, the procedures that were trialled in the simulator room were transferred to the rig environment so that learnings could be reinforced during the offshore coaching phase.

“Well explained downhole process for HPHT. Thank you!” – Drilling Engineer

“The course content was a good balance of conventional, HPHT, and MPD practices. Practical session was thought-provoking for rig crew. Good practice on finger printing too.”  – Drilling Supervisor