Client: International Offshore Drilling Contractor

Location: Middle East

Challenge: There was no standardised competence criteria for employees in supervisory roles, making effective competence management difficult. To help assess personnel onboard, the team at Aberdeen Drilling International was approached to develop an assessment standard for the client’s key supervisory personnel.

Solution: Assessments were standardised with a set of criteria to suit the supervisory role, and following each assessment, an Individual Development Plan for each supervisor was provided. Alongside this, Safety Leadership training for drilling operations  was conducted for the crews assigned to the rig, in order for them to gain the knowledge and learn the skills required to be an effective leader in managing the operation safely and efficiently.


Our client contracted Aberdeen Drilling International (formerly IAS International) to develop an assessment standard to improve performance and enhance safety, and support the company’s competency management goals. The new assessment standard was to be rolled out to all key supervisory positions and personnel onboard the rigs.


One of our SMEs conducted an initial evaluation onboard the rig, and a solution was then developed and agreed by both the operator and the drilling contractor. The collaboration led to the development of standardised assessment criteria which would improve safety and performance across operations.

We then ran a series of 9 x Safety Leadership courses at our Centre of Excellence in Dubai for the crews assigned to the rig. The leadership training provided the candidates with the knowledge and skills required to be an effective leader who can manage an operation safely and efficiently.

Our SME then revisited the rig and each supervisor was assessed, and an Individual Development Plan (IDP) was provided. We returned to the rig twice more, three months apart, to coach the supervisors and crews, to close out their IDPs and also ensure the improved performance standards were being maintained. A findings and recommendations report to support continuous improvement was then provided to our client.


The crews enjoyed the leadership training, and we received a lot of positive feedback from the attendees and the client. It was so successful that the operator asked us to visit two of their other jack-ups they had on hire with a different contractor to instil the same safety and leadership culture now being demonstrated by our client’s crews.


“This training is great and I never knew there was a course like this specifically for drill crews”Senior Toolpusher