Client: International jack-up drilling contractor

Location: Middle East

Challenge: To support rig start-up operations for jack-up drilling rigs

Solution: Amphion, Cyber and X-COM system Operator Training was conducted whilst the rig was preparing to leave the shipyard.


Our client sought out Aberdeen Drilling International (formerly IAS International) to support rig start-up operations for a number of their high specification Jack-Up Drilling Rigs.


The Aberdeen Drilling International team conducted Amphion, Cyber and X-COM system Operator Training onboard, whilst the rig was preparing to leave the shipyard. Adopting this approach enabled our client to continue shipyard operations without disruption while simultaneously providing the vital operator training on the control systems to the rig personnel.


In providing effective operator training and coaching, the competence levels of the rig crews were raised, which helped to reduce non-productive time events, and subsequently improved operational performance standards during the rig start-up period.

Conducting the training while the jack-up was alongside, also provided benefits in cost savings, removing the need to pay for any crew travel or accommodation, and eliminated expenses associated with the trainees travelling to training facilities to undertake the training.

With this proactive approach and utilising the experience of the Aberdeen Drilling International SMEs to train, coach, and assess their crews during the challenging rig reactivation operations, our client demonstrated a commitment towards operational excellence to the operator and achieved a successful drilling campaign start-up.


“The SME was really knowledgeable & delivered great coaching. Really improved the confidence and skill levels of the crews which helped us achieve a successful startup.” – Rig Manager