Client: NOC / Drilling Contractor

Location: Onboard a cyber rig, Gulf of Mexico

Challenge: Faced with drilling a challenging well in the Gulf of Mexico, our Client wanted to build an exact simulation of the well so that they could run all their crews through the drilling plan in situ onboard the drilling vessel.

Solution: Our instructor travelled to the vessel with one of our portable simulators. Once onboard, we delivered training sessions on the simulator which enabled all members of the drill crew to drill a simulated version of their actual well.


Our Client, the NOC, and their drilling contractor were preparing to drill a particularly complex well off the coast of Mexico. In addition to the technical challenges, there was also a complex mix of personnel onboard the drilling vessel. The drilling managers wanted to build an exact simulation of the well to ensure that the crews could experience and execute the proposed drilling plan in a smooth and safe operation.

As an international well drilling training and consultancy company, we have access to extensive resources. Significantly, we have large dynamic drilling simulators installed at various global training centres. However, we also operate a fleet of portable simulators, which provide an experience that is as close to the full simulation as is possible.


In line with government guidance at the time, our instructor was required to quarantine in Mexico before continuing travel to the vessel. Fortunately, as a member of the RelyOn Nutec Group, we were able to call upon our colleagues in Mexico for their excellent logistical support and invaluable local expertise and knowledge to  address a range of administrative and travel challenges.

Once on the vessel, our instructor ran a series of four classes on the simulator over a week to capture all the personnel in the drill crew.
Significantly, as the installation was a cyber rig, we opted to use one of our cyber simulators with joysticks to aid the realism and relevance of the training. This was key to the successful outcome, and ensured that our technical capabilities matched all the Client’s requirements.


By inputting the Client’s well data, our drilling simulator was able to provide the dress rehearsal they needed to ensure good communication and teamwork. The DWOS training required by our Client was delivered successfully against a backdrop of logistical challenges. The members of the drill crew were passionate about the training programme and appreciated the opportunities offered to work through the proposed drilling plan alongside their colleagues. Ultimately the training helped to ensure that the well was drilled safely and efficiently.

“Objective to familiarize was achieved. Main message was delivered across to drillers regarding their authority to shut in well once positive signs of influx are observed.” – Rig Manager

Good loss-kick simulations and drillers are forced to solve the problem by suggesting the subsequent step” – Drilling Supervisor