Client: Independent Drilling Contractor

Location: UKCS

Challenge: Rig reactivation for a semi-submersible that had been warm-stacked with a reduced crew.

Solution: Using a simulator to conduct an Operational Readiness Assessment resulted in carrying out performance coaching on the rig.


Our client approached the Aberdeen Drilling International Dubai (formerly IAS International) team to support rig start-up operations for a semi-submersible. The rig had been warm-stacked for a considerable amount of time with reduced crews, awaiting working in the UK.


After securing a contract with a multinational, integrated, super major, our client and Aberdeen Drilling International Dubai team began their work. The project had to be completed in a short timeframe to meet operational timelines and acceptance of the rig by the multinational, integrated, supermajor.

The project team utilised a portable simulator to conduct Operational Readiness Assessments and then, based on the findings, carried out performance coaching at the rig site to ensure the crews were prepared for the new drilling campaign.


Having the opportunity to train its crew utilising the portable simulation system, on various operations such as well control, stuck pipe prevention, and operational running of equipment, the rig reactivation project was completed successfully.

Our client and Aberdeen Drilling International continued with successful rig reactivations for three Drill Ships within the Client’s fleet.


“[The coaches] have been very professional in the way that they have integrated with the crew and carried out the training requirements. It helps that they are seasoned professionals in our line of work which then makes our crew members more at ease as they actually know about the subject matter.” – Senior Toolpusher, Drilling Contractor