Client: Middle Eastern contractor working under a JV with a multinational super major

Location: 5 x Jack-ups, offshore Qatar

Challenge: The client wanted to achieve maximum impact and improve the competence standards of their key personnel operating the cyberbase system.

Solution: A bespoke 2-stage approach consisting of initial Operator Training and followed up with intensive hands-on Performance Coaching and Mentoring for 90 days.


In 2019, a respected drilling contractor working in partnership with a super major, was awarded a contract for 5 jack-ups and engaged Aberdeen Drilling International Dubai (formerly IAS International) to provide rig start-up solutions to help them achieve a safe and successful start-up on the new projects.


To achieve maximum impact and improve the competence standards of their key personnel (Toolpushers, Drillers and Assistant Drillers) operating the integrated drilling control systems (including Cyberbase, Amphion and XCom), we proposed a bespoke 2-stage approach consisting of:

  • Stage 1: Rig-specific Integrated Drilling Control Systems Operator Training
  • Stage 2: Intensive hands-on Performance Coaching and Mentoring for 90 days

The project kicked off with the 1st rig in February 2020 and the project continued using the same successful and validated approach for a further 2 jack-ups throughout the remainder of 2020. The 4th and 5th  projects were delivered in 2021 with the project successfully concluded in August 2021.


One of the five rigs involved won Shell’s Rig of the Quarter program 4 months after leaving the shipyard with 90% new crews and our SME! We were thrilled to be able to support our valued client in starting up their 5 new projects in Qatar, implementing effective training and performance coaching solutions to enable the crews to deliver a safe and successful operation. Our SMEs were also invited to return to the rigs as new personnel were hired or promoted to ensure the same standards were maintained.

“The feedback from the Rig Managers and the crews onboard the rig was Superb with the Performance Coaches doing a fantastic job.” – Director of the JV