This client-specific “Drilling the Well on Simulator” course provides an overview on impending wells that may have particular difficulties or issues that will differentiate them from simple wells.

The format will essentially be a “Drill the Well on Paper” exercise that takes the rig team through the main points of the well with emphasis on the potential obstacles and how best to overcome them, assisted by simulator exercises that replicate the greatest risks at the depths they are likely to be encountered.

Designed For

Client operators and others who wish to conduct DWOPs on wells with particular special conditions, and who wish to add greater team value by working through the greatest risks in a “dress rehearsal” using a full size drilling simulator.

Entry Requirements

Attendees will be expected to have a current Driller or Supervisor certificate from an international accreditation body. Other relevant pre-requisites, candidate suitability, and the optimum level of prior experience for this training will be discussed and agreed with the client in the early stages of course development.

Course Delivery

This course can be delivered over 2 or 3 days and is led by the client company. Learning is facilitated through short lectures, case studies, and interactive simulator sessions with feedback sessions. As this course involves immersive simulation it can only be delivered in one of our primary training centres with unlimited access to the full-size rig-floor simulator.


Successful completion of the course will result in an Aberdeen Drilling School certificate which is valid for 2 years.

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