This 5 or 6-day course is designed to improve the Well Control knowledge for experienced personnel to a level beyond the current IWCF Level 4 Well Control training and assessment. The IWCF Enhanced Well Control programme substitutes standard re-certification training with a more advanced, practical-based course targeted specifically at experienced personnel looking to renew their IWCF certification.

The training covers more realistic and challenging well control concepts, develops an appreciation for Well Operations Crew Resource Management and builds on the individuals’ previous well control learnings to enhance the candidates’ overall understanding of the subject.

Aberdeen Drilling School has developed and IWCF accredited a number of Enhanced Well Control programmes, which comprise of the following enhanced subjects:

  • Highly Deviated / Horizontal Well Control
  • Volumetric Method
  • Stripping into the Wellbore
  • Well Control Case Study
  • Wellbore Fingerprinting
  • Unusual Well Control Scenario – Drilling with Oil Based Mud
  • Lubricate & Bleed Method
  • Bullheading
  • Reverse Circulation

Scenario-based simulated exercises consolidate the theory presented in a classroom environment using interactive teaching strategies. This focus on the practical application of the theory promotes effective communication, teamwork, and enhances problem-solving skills.

Designed For

IWCF Enhanced Well Control training is specifically designed for experienced candidates who require certification that goes beyond the standard IWCF Drilling Well Control Level 4 syllabus.

The enhanced training is for candidates who are renewing their Drilling Well Control certification and who meet the following criteria:

• Completed IWCF Drilling Well Control at Level 4 on at least 2 previous occasions;
• Achieved a score of 80% or above on all papers during their previous 2 renewals.

Course Delivery

The course will refresh the candidates’ knowledge of the fundamental concepts of well control through short presentations and discussions, delivered each morning.  Advanced well control topics will then be introduced in a classroom setting and embedded through practical exercises delivered as team-based training on a full-size cyber chair drilling simulator.

The course is delivered over 5 or 6 days and over 50% of the training is committed to practical sessions on the drilling simulator.

Well Operations Crew Resource Management (WOCRM) is a key component of the Enhanced Well Control training, with the fundamentals of human behaviour and responses being explored and analysed in group discussions and practical exercises all facilitated by a Human Factors specialist.


The course will be assessed in two distinct ways:

Well Operations Crew Resource Management (WOCRM)

Team-based practical exercises will be coached and assessed using Well Operations Crew Resource Management techniques.  Individuals and teams will be assessed on areas such as:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Decision making
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Factors that impact human performance

IWCF Assessments

The candidates will undertake the following IWCF practical and written assessments:

  • Well Control Principles and Procedures Assessment (2 ½ hours)
  • Well Control Equipment Assessment (1 hour)
  • Practical Assessment on a full-size Advanced Drilling Simulator
  • Enhanced Assessment (2 ½ hrs)

An IWCF Level 4 certificate will be awarded to candidates who achieve a pass mark of 70% and above in all exam components. In addition to the Level 4 certificate, the Enhanced Well Control certificate will be awarded to candidates who achieve a pass mark of 80% an above in all exam components.  Each of the certificates are valid for 2 years.

Entry Requirements

The candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Completed IWCF Drilling Well Control at Level 4 on at least 2 previous occasions;
  • Achieved a score of 80% or above in all papers during his/her previous 2 occasions;
  • Must be pre-registered with IWCF and able to provide his/her IWCF Candidate Registration (CR) Number.

What is an IWCF CR Number?

If you have attended IWCF training since Oct 2015, you will find your unique 6-digit CR Number on your most recent IWCF certificate. Click here to read more about CR Numbers.

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