In recent history, the Oil & Gas industry has experienced a number of high profile drilling-related incidents, with 85% of those being attributed to human error. In many of these incidents, subsequent investigations identified errors in communication, including incorrect instructions being given or misheard, as being the root cause.

In response to this alarming statistic, major oil and gas operators and drilling contractors have sought to build the principles of Well Operations Crew Resource Management (WOCRM) into all well control training, to ensure that non-technical safety critical criteria (or human factors) are addressed through training tailored to operation-specific needs.

In alignment with IOGP recommendations, we have developed an immersive five-day Enhanced Well Control (EWC) course. Our 5-Day IWCF-accredited programme, which incorporates the core principles of WOCRM with the key elements of our EWC programme, substitutes standard re-certification training with more advanced, practical-based content targeted at more experienced well operations personnel. This training covers realistic and challenging well control scenarios and, with WOCRM elements integrated throughout, enables the participants to build on their previous well control knowledge as well as addressing the behavioural factors that are often at the root of well control-related incidents.

Who is it for?

IWCF Enhanced Well Control training is specifically designed for experienced candidates who require certification that goes beyond the standard IWCF Drilling Well Control Level 4 syllabus.

The enhanced training is for candidates who are renewing their Drilling Well Control certification and who meet the following criteria:

  • Completed IWCF Drilling Well Control at Level 4 on at least 2 previous occasions;
  • Achieved a score of 80% or above on all papers during their previous 2 renewals.

Working with a Multinational, integrated, super major

In 2021, Aberdeen Drilling School was awarded a contract by a major operator to deliver Enhanced Well Control for its global wells teams. Our client wanted to partner with a trusted single-source provider for Enhanced Well Control (EWC) training incorporating Well Operations Crew Resource Management (WOCRM), starting with a pilot session at our UK training centre in October 2021. The client also needed a provider with a global footprint and the ability to deliver the course to overseas locations and local workforces in future.

With our track record of developing client-specific advanced well control training and our advanced cyber-based simulation capability, we designed, built and accredited an immersive and bespoke solution with integrated WOCRM that simulated the challenges of the complex wells the client was planning for the coming year.

Starting off as an Aberdeen requirement, our client soon started sending us candidates from its affiliates in various locations including South America, South Africa and Asia, establishing this course as an international requirement for its wells personnel.

The crew resource management feature of the course was very well received, with our 3rd party human factor experts receiving excellent feedback. Likewise, feedback on our state-of-the-art simulator has also been excellent, with candidates commenting on how realistic and intuitive it is.

Overall our client has been very impressed with the ability to combine human factors training, our expert well control knowledge and IWCF accreditation into one course and it has opened up other opportunities for us to deliver courses such as MPD training to our client when required.

“The best well control course I’ve ever been on – crew resource management very, very good”Colin Davidson, Drilling Supt.

Plans for the future

Since launching the programme, we have delivered an EWC course every 8 weeks exclusively for our client’s senior drilling personnel. With the course established, we are now talking to several other major oil and gas operators and global drilling contractors who are keen to offer key drilling personnel Enhanced Well Control training; delivered using our full-size, immersive, cyber drilling simulator.

We are also in talks to run our bespoke Enhanced Well Control training with well management companies to enhance their in-house expertise and create a unique selling point for them.

With full-sized cyber-based drilling simulators located in 3 continents, we plan to roll out the EWC programme in multiple locations throughout 2023.

Contact to discuss how our Enhanced Well Control training can become a key part of your global operations.