Aberdeen Drilling School in collaboration with RelyOn Nutec Simulation is the provider of choice for international operators and drilling contractors seeking to enhance their operations, minimise costs associated with non-productive time, and significantly reduce risk to their assets and the environment.

A variety of clients have witnessed these realistic dynamic simulations in person or virtually, to realise the full potential and diverse applications of realistic simulation available today. From planning to execution, advanced simulations can play a key role in improving your well operations, creating a progressive and innovative operations culture.


Preparation for Complex Wells

Simulation for complex wells can be an invaluable tool at the planning stage. Working with our in-house technical programming team, we can bring your well plans to life. Using your own subsurface data and well plans our team can create a realistic 3D digital twin of your well in an immersive simulation environment. The use of realistic digital twinning can test procedures to reduce operational risk and identify potential issues prior to complex well operations, such as MPD or ERD.


Technology Familiarisation

Complex operations often involve utilising new and sophisticated 3rd party control systems on rigsite, something not all crews will be familiar with. We can integrate 3rd party monitoring and control systems into our simulator systems so that you and your colleagues can gain valuable insights and experience of their functionality and operating characteristics.  Successfully performed for clients using 3rd party MPD control systems, these integrated crew simulations have highlighted the requirement of improved operational procedures and revisions of the rig’s piping & instrumentation setups.


Immersive Role-specific Training and competence assessments for New Hires

Thanks to our extensive library of simulation snapshots and scenarios, we also offer role-specific training, skills development and competency assessments for drill crew, ensuring that they can act swiftly, effectively, and safely in response to changes during well operations.  The training and resulting certification offers peace of mind that your new hires will arrive onsite competent in their role and ready to perform to the highest standard. The training can be enhanced further with digitally twinned well data and rig systems, ensuring new hires are also familiar with your specific rig and well operations. Such development and assessment programs are applicable to both new hires and existing employees in line for promotion.

Human Factors / WOCRM Training with Simulation

Human Factors or Well Operations Crew Resource Management (WOCRM) training is designed to strengthen a team’s working relationship, improve communication, and enhance performance. When observing teams in an immersive simulated environment we can gain insights into their reactions and just as importantly, their interactions. With the combined expertise of our Human Factors Specialists and our experienced technical instructors, we can study behaviour and make meaningful recommendations to improve operational performance within the team. The aim is to positively influence how teams respond to a challenging or stressful situation. These team-based training sessions are extremely engaging and highly interactive, with participants often remarking on how they have gained valuable new perspectives.


Drill the Well On Simulator (DWOS)

Over recent years, the former Drill Well on Paper (DWOP) exercise has had a transformative digital upgrade to become the Drill Well On Simulator (DWOS) and is a key part of a well’s  pre-spud preparations. A 3D replica of your well and real-time data can be displayed at your training locations, allowing critical data to be shared and communicated with all types of adult learners to create a truly inclusive learning environment.


IWCF Enhanced Well Control training for experienced crew members

Biennial well control training and certification is a requirement for anyone with well control responsibilities during drilling operations. Since 2014 and the publication of IOGP-476 report on recommendations for improvement, there has been an industry initiative to provide enhanced well control training programmes for experienced personnel seeking to renew their existing certificates.

Our simulation technology can be used to provide these enhanced well control training programmes. These programmes simulate and train crews (rather than individuals) on real-life complex and often specialist well control operations making the routine of well control re-certification operationally relevant, engaging, and often results in your team leaving with new-found skills, knowledge and experiences which are more readily retained.


Incident Investigation with Simulation

When things don’t go to plan during operations, our independent advice and incident investigation services can help you establish what happened and why. Our expert consultancy team has both the operational experience and simulation capabilities to recreate operational problems and incidents in order to aid understanding and facilitate root cause analysis for well problems – delivering swift, robust and reliable conclusions.

Bespoke Simulation – On and Offshore

So far, we have described a small sample of possible uses for our simulators, however, we are always open to discuss ways our services can be customised to your specific needs. This often leads to innovations and exciting developments. We are motivated by challenges and thrive on providing solutions. We can develop bespoke training programmes deliverable on one of our full-size ADS3 or ADS4 simulators or on a portable ADS1.

Since 2019, our full-size simulators have been popular, but our portable simulators have been on tour! In recent months, we have developed Stuck Pipe Prevention training to be delivered at multiple rigsite locations for a major international operator, and we have implemented a competency assessment programme for a global recruitment company to test new drill crew recruits onsite. The range of simulation solutions on offer is expanding and we are excited to see what’s next.


Contact info@aberdeendrilling.com to discuss how simulation can become a key part of your global operations.