Course Name Duration Lang Course Details
IWCF Enhanced Well Control 5 or 6 Days English Read More
Well Operations Crew Resource Management (WOCRM) Variable English Read More
Crew Resource Management (CRM) Variable English Read More
Frontline Leadership Development 2 Days English Read More

About these courses

It is well understood that many of the major safety incidents witnessed within high risk industries are directly attributable to, or exasperated by Human Factors. Training that addresses the human factors and deficiency of non-technical skills in the individual and/or team has been proven to reduce accidents and incidents during safety critical operations.


In the oil and gas industry, IOGP’s Review of Well Control Incidents (Report 637) states that the Human Factor was the most common contributing factor to a majority of well control events – nearly three quarters of the 172 incidents reported by IOGP Members were attributed to human factors. These incidents include the catastrophic Montara and Macondo blowouts and many other less infamous incidents which have adversely effected lives or the environment.


Aberdeen Drilling School delivers three levels of Non-Technical Skills and CRM Training, all based around the fundamental principles of:

  • Situation Awareness
  • Decision Making
  • Communication
  • Leadership/Supervision
  • Teamwork
  • Awareness of Performance Shaping Factors (such as stress and fatigue)

The ideology behind our training is that clear understanding of correct behaviours and responses, together with well developed non-technical skills (such as clear communications and effective teamwork), can greatly reduce the likelihood of human error in complex, safety critical operations in the oilfield.

Who are these courses for?

These courses are not open to the public. These courses are company-specific and as such can be designed to suit the audience you choose. Candidate suitability and assumed base knowledge will be discussed and agreed in the early stages of course development.


Which level of training is the right fit for your team?

We can provide training to suit your needs, from introductory training with limitless applications to improving working environments, to CRM for safety critical industries, and WOCRM which is specifically designed to enhance well operations.

Introduction to Human Factors Training

  • Industry agnostic
  • Generic training and assessment
  • Classroom learning
  • Online assessment


Crew Resource Management (CRM)

  • Team-based training for crews
  • Industry-specific
  • Team-based exercises
  • Direct assessment and personal feedback


Wells Operations Crew Resource Management (WOCRM)

  • Utilising a full-size rig-floor drilling simulator
  • Situation-based
  • Well-specific
  • Team-based exercises
  • Direct assessment and personal feedback
  • Incorporated into the IWCF Enhanced Well Control programme

Key benefits

Aberdeen Drilling School’s Human Factor training programmes provide the knowledge, skills and motivation required for crews to:

  • perform effectively in a team context
  • recognise deterioration in cognitive and interpersonal skills in themselves and others
  • enable crew members to intervene and to accept interventions from others in a timely and effective manner